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Video Game Audio 101 - Fiction or Interface - An Introduction. Featured Image.

Video Game Audio 101. Fiction or Interface. An Introduction.

In a series of articles, I’ll explore the history of video game audio, its functions as both video game fiction and game interface, and what tools we can use to understand this better.This is part one of those articles. These articles are inspired by a thesis I wrote since I’ve had a lifelong fascination with…

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How Minecraft comparators work - featured image

How do Minecraft Comparators Work?

Featured Image credit: Mojang. Getting into redstone in Minecraft can sometimes seem almost impossible to understand, and nothing wants to work.  Whileredstone can be used for amazing builds, all of those complex creations rely on the basics of each redstone device. One of the most powerful and commonly used redstone devices is the comparator. Outside…

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How to Find Mushrooms in Minecraft / Guide / featured image

How to Find Mushrooms in Minecraft

Featured Image credit: Mojang. Having multiple food options in Minecraft is never a bad idea, and mushrooms can be an excellent way to spice up your diet.  But sometimes, it can seem impossible to find any mushrooms anywhere and even harder to grow them in large numbers.  Below, you can see how to find mushrooms…

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What Does Dog Water Mean in Fortnite? / Featured Image

What Does Dog Water Mean in Fortnite?

If you play Fortnite or know someone who does, you have likely heard the phrase “dog water” thrown about at least once.  It’s a weird phrase to hear in a video game, so, unsurprisingly, gamers wonder: what does dog mean in Fortnite, exactly? When someone says you are dog water while playing Fortnite it is…

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How to Stop Follow Bots on Twitch - Featured Image

How to Stop Follow Bots on Twitch

Whether you already stream or plan on streaming, you will likely face following bots at least once during your career. Follow bots are essentially fake followers which target individual channels – often with hateful messages. This creates a bad experience for the Twitch streamer and everyone in the stream chat. So how do you stop…

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What Does a Fletching Table do in Minecraft? Featured image

What Does a Fletching Table do in Minecraft?

Featured Image credit: Mojang. In the Village & Pillage update, Minecraft players got an upgrade to the previously useless Fletching Table block. While still being the least impressive of the special work station blocks, this new item now has some merit to it. Keep reading to see everything you need to know about the fletching…

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