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Me, myself, and I.

Welcome to Gamers Not Allowed!

I’m dedicated to bringing gamers – like myself – no-nonsense video game information. This site is all about helping you find the answer you’re looking for fast and easy!

I’ve been playing video games since the early 1980s.

Back then I had a Commodore 64 with the tape recorder and 5ΒΌ” floppy disk drive. It was a great computer with great games, and I also enjoyed programming simple games in BASIC. Some of my favorite games on C64 were Commando, Sid Meyer’s Pirates, the Great Giana Sisters, Last Ninja, Bubble Bubble, and OutRun.

Later I got an Amiga 500 where I loved playing games like Sensible Soccer and Shadow of the Beast.

Since those early 8-bit and 16-bit days, I’ve played video games on several PCs and consoles, and, of course, also on smartphones.

My big interest in video games eventually landed me a job as an lecturer at the University of Copenhagen where I taught interactive video game audio and music.

I hope you enjoy reading the content on this site as much as I enjoy creating it. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out.

Cheers, Jan S.