Best Custom Gaming Mouse Pad. What to look for & Where to buy.


So, you have grown tired of the generic mouse pads you purchase from Amazon and are looking to upgrade and show off your fancy gaming setup.

But how do you ensure you purchase a long-lasting, quality mouse pad?

Where do you even go to get custom mousepads, and what can you customize?

Keep reading below to learn about the best custom mouse pads and where to get your next one!

Benefits of Getting Custom Gaming Mouse Pads

Why purchase a custom gaming mouse pad, though? Aren’t all mousepads created equally, and customization is just a way for companies to take your hard-earned money?

While you may think that at first, customizing your mouse pad allows you to choose how it looks, its feels, the thickness of the mat, and even add fancy lights to some. 

Everyone has a different gaming style, sized space, and needs, so having a custom-made mouse pad, while it won’t make you an expert at League of Legends, will improve your general gaming quality of life. 

Important Gaming Mouse Pad Specs

When choosing a gaming mouse pad, custom or not, it is important to keep the following specs in mind to choose the best possible pad for your gaming needs. 


First is the size of the gaming mouse pad. Most pads fall between 9” x 8” and 48” x 24,” though you can find mouse pads of all sizes up to a full desk mouse pad.

So what size mousepad should you get?

Well, that depends on how you play and your mouse’s DPI (Dots Per Inch). 

You can be OK with a smaller mouse pad if you keep your mouse in tight circles and within a centralized location.

Likewise, if you like to fling your mouse all over the place trying to hit someone in Overwatch, you will want a large mouse pad that covers a larger surface area.

Don’t forget to remember the size of your gaming space and everything else present, as you do not want to purchase a pad you can not even use.

I recommend getting a larger pad if you’ve got the desk space. A large mousepad gives you more flexibility in terms of mouse travel room, plus they look beautiful with a customized image.

When you move beyond an X-large size mouse pad, you move into the territory of a gaming surface that allows you to place your keyboard on the mat itself.

This is also a great option because the edge of your keyboard won’t battle for desk space with the mouse pad. Instead, they share the same gaming surface.


Next is the construction of the mouse, which comes down to how durable the mouse pad is and whether or not it is stitched around the edges.

Mousepads deal with a lot of stress daily, so you want a mouse pad built to last and not fray on you. 

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So, when choosing a mousepad, always ensure they use high-quality material; the edges are stitched to prevent fraying and come with a well-built rubber base to prevent it from slipping around your gaming space. 


Most gaming mouse pads are made either out of hard plastic or a soft, tightly-woven fiber surface, both of which have their benefits and disadvantages.

Soft mouse pads

Soft cloth mousepads are also called rubber mouse pads because they’re made from natural rubber fibers woven together.

Soft cloth mouse pads can come with a rough or smooth surface, depending on how tightly the fabric is knitted.

A rough surface gives you more control and more precise movements. This makes it a great mouse pad for fast-paced FPS games and other shooters.

But the print isn’t as pretty and can look pixelated, which might not be what you want for your beautiful original artwork.

A smooth surface is built for speed, but your accuracy may suffer a bit. This makes it a good mouse pad for games that requires fast movements but less precision, such as RTS and MOBA games.

On the other hand, the print looks gorgeous, and you can see all the fine details.

Soft mouse pads are typically more difficult to clean by hand. But the great thing is that they can be thrown in the washing machine.

However, a soft mouse mat made from micro-woven cloth can be rolled up and taken with you to places.

Hard mouse pads

On the other hand, a hard mouse pad is easier to clean and provides faster mouse movements.

Hard mousepads are built for speeds, though they can take a while to get used to, or your accuracy will take a hit.

You can find mouse pads made from other materials like glass which, while rare, can be extremely durable and provide fast mouse movements.

Fx, I own a glass mouse pad from Steelseries, and while it’s a great gaming mouse pad of high quality built for speed, it also tends to get greasy fast.

So you need to clean it a lot if you enjoy drinking Coka Cola Zero and eating while gaming like me. So that’s another thing to keep in mind.

It is up to you to decide between the mix of soft and hard in your mousepad that you want for the games you play.


The edge plays a part in the construction of the mouse pad, especially because you want to ensure you are purchasing a mouse pad with stitched edges.

Not only do they tend to look more aesthetically pleasing, but they will also prevent fraying and interacting with your mouse cord if you use a wired mouse. 

Extra Features

Finally, you want to look at the extra features of your custom gaming mouse pad.

Generally speaking, mousepads are simple in their design; they have one purpose to serve, and they serve that purpose very well. 

However, many people want fancy mouse pads or game mats. Fx, you can find ones with RGB lighting, wireless charging for mice, and even removable wrist rests.

Remember, you probably don’t need all of this. After all, the best gaming mouse pad is one that doesn’t get in the way when you’re gaming. The rest comes down to personal preference.

Best Sites for Purchasing Custom Gaming Mouse Pads

Now that you know the important “specs” that go into a gaming mouse pad, it is time to look at some of the best sites to customize. 

It is important to note that while these sites do offer quality custom gaming mouse pads, low-quality images and the like can result in lower-quality mouse pads. 

1. X-RayPad


  • Large selection of both custom-size mousepads and custom-image brand-name mousepads
  • Customize the size, edging, image, and stitching
  • Pads are made waterproof


  • Can not customize thickness for custom-size mouse pads
  • The website can be slightly confusing to navigate

Sizes Available: 

  • Input your own size
  • Max Width: 950mm (37.4”)
  • Max Length: 1250mm (49.2”)

With one of the largest selections available and being in business since 2003, X-raypad offers a huge selection of completely customizable mouse pads and brand-name mousepads you can customize. 

All of their custom-size mousepads are 3mm or ⅛ inches thick and are made of a durable, smooth surface and a thick rubber pad that will keep your mousepad still as you desperately try to save yourself in League of Legends. 

Amongst their brand-name options are the Aqua Series, Thor, Minerva, and Equate, alongside several others.

All-in-all, you cannot go wrong with getting your custom gaming mousepad from this site when it comes down to creating your favorite design.

With their vast selection, ability to customize the stitching, your mousepad’s corners, and edges, whether or not it comes with a custom image, and the size of it, X-raypad is hard to beat.

2. Ultimate Custom Mousepads


  • Large variety of mousepads to customize
  • Choose whether or not you want lighting
  • Customize the thickness between 2 and 4mm
  • Upload custom images
  • Choose from pre-made designs, including ones with wireless charging


  • None

Available Sizes:

  • 30 x 25cm (11.8” x 9.8”)
  • 70 x 30cm (27.5” x 11.8”)
  • 80 x 30cm (31.5” x 11.8”)
  • 90 x 40cm (35.4” x 15.7”)
  • 100 x 50cm (39.4” x 19.7”)
  • 120 x 60cm (47.2” x 23.6”)

Next on the list, but far from the least, is Ultimate Custom Mousepads, one of the best options for custom mousepads. It offers many different mousepads and has some of the best customization options. 

Not only can you add your favorite image and choose the size, but you can choose the thickness and whether or not you want RGB lighting. Each mousepad comes with hand-stitched edging to prevent fraying.

It has a smooth cloth surface and a rigid rubber base to keep that mousepad exactly where it belongs, underneath your mouse as you dominate your foes in battle.

Overall, you will be hard-pressed to find a site better than this one regarding sheer customizability options.

3. Razer


  • Add your Gamertag to the mousepad
  • Select from a variety of high-quality designs
  • It is a custom version of the Razer Gigantus V2, one of the most popular soft mousepads


  • No custom designs are available
  • Only offer three different sizes

Sizes Available:

  • 360 x 275mm (14.17” x 10.83”)
  • 450 x 400mm (17.72” x 15.75”)
  • 940 x 410mm (37.01” x 16.14”)

Next up, we have Razer pads, which, as the gaming community knows, Razer puts out some of the best equipment on the market.

Their custom gaming mouse pads are no different, as they are made of high-quality micro-weaved cloth tops and a non-slip rubber base to keep that mouse pad exactly where it is supposed to be. 

Each pad is 3mm thick or 0.12”, allowing your mouse to glide over it easily. However, customization is quite limited with Razer, as currently, they do not allow for personal custom designs. 

Instead, you choose from one of their designs featured after different games, and then you can add your gamer tag to the bottom right-hand corner.

Not much in terms of customization, but it is still a great option and can add a bit of spice to your gaming setup.

4. Inked Gaming


  • Multiple sizes to choose from
  • High-quality image printing
  • Offers stitched edging
  • Thickness ranges from ⅛ inch to ¼ inch


  • Very little customization past custom images

Sizes Available:

  • 9” x 8”
  • 13” x 11”
  • 18” x 16”
  • 24” x 14”
  • 35” x 16”
  • 36” x 18”
  • 48” x 24”

First up on the list is Inked Gaming, an alright site for purchasing custom gaming pads with a large selection of sizes available to choose from. You can choose from a normal 9” x 8” mousepad to a massive 48” x 24” game mat. 

All the mousepads come with a smooth cotton top that is placed on top of a rubber bottom to prevent it from sliding around your desk.

Some of their mousepads come with stitched edging, while for others, you have to purchase stitched edging as an add-on. 

Other than allowing you to customize the image on the mousepad, you are not really given the option to customize anything.

So, if you are looking for a good quality mousepad with your favorite image on it, Inked Gaming is for you. 

5. My Custom Mousepad


  • Variety of sizes available to choose from
  • Offers circular mousepads with wrist rests
  • Made of high-quality material and non-slip
  • Offers RGB light mousepads 


  • Limited customization beyond custom image
  • Does not allow for the choice of edging, stitching, or lights

Available Sizes:

  • 9.5” x 8”
  • 12” x 10”
  • 31” x 12”
  • 30” x 16”
  • 35” x 16”
  • It also offers Round Mousepads with Silicone Wrist Rests

Another limited customization option, My Custom Mousepad, allows you to place a custom image on your mousepad and comes in various available sizes.

There is very little that is special about this site other than it does offer circular mousepads, which are not often found on other sites. 

They offer a circular mousepad option with a silicone wrist rest and one that does not, both of which can have a custom image added.

Each mousepad is 4mm thick and has a high-quality surface that allows for a smooth mouse glide.

There is a thick rubber mat on the bottom to prevent it from sliding, and it comes with stitched edging, helping to prevent fraying and promoting a longer lifespan.

While you can not really customize any of their mats, they do have RGB light and Anime custom mousepads that you can purchase.


I hope you found this guide helpful. For good reasons, I can’t choose the best mousepad for you because when it comes to custom pads, it’s a personal thing.

I can only advise on what and not at least where to look. While many sites can create print-on-demand items, with everything from t-shirts to mugs and mouse pads, you’d want to stay clear of those sites if you want a quality mousepad designed for heavy usage and intense gaming sessions.

If you want the best mouse pad for gaming, you’d want to buy from a site that puts the gaming experience first. That means the site offers many different size options, different materials, a stitched edge, and amazing print quality.

Now that you know how to choose your next mouse pad and where to find custom gaming mouse pads, what are you waiting for? Now go get that fancy new mouse pad you have been eyeing for the last three months.

If you found this article helpful, check out my other articles – like this on the best mice for butterfly clicking. Until next time, happy gaming!


How Do I Customize a Gaming Mouse Pad?

Customizing a gaming mouse pad is a fairly easy process though it can take some time, especially if you need to find an image to use. Most websites will not allow the use of copyrighted images so you could spend a fair amount of time just finding the right image.

Once you have done that, you must choose the size of mouse pad you want, select any other features or options the website you are using offers, and then place the order! 

Is a Mouse Pad Really Necessary?

Yes! While you can technically use any hard surface for your mouse, it is important to use a mouse pad, especially while gaming, because it ensures that every movement with your mouse is accurate and uniform. 

How Do You Take Care of Your Custom Gaming Mouse Pad?

Taking care of your mouse pad includes cleaning it regularly with a damp cloth; you can use soap if it is really grimy. Otherwise, a simple damp cloth will work just fine. You also want to keep it dry, so if there is any accidental spillage, clean it up immediately. 

For the most part, gaming mouse pads are typically pretty easy to take care of unless you have a fancy one, like a glass mouse pad or one with a ton of RGB lights. 

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