Best Game Streaming Services You Should Know (Pros and Cons)


Many gamers dream of making it big as a streamer these days. It’s understandable because some profit by streaming video games and entertaining others.

If you want to start streaming either as a hobby or to turn it into a career, you will have to decide which streaming platform you want to focus on. 

Some mobile streaming apps and PC software let you stream simultaneously to multiple platforms, but if you’re starting, it’s probably better to focus on building a solid audience on a single platform first. You can always branch out later.

With so many live streaming options, such as Twitch, Facebook Streaming, and YouTube, it’s easy to get confused.

In this article, you can read about both, and making an informed choice will be easier.

1. Twitch

Most people would agree that Twitch is the most recognizable name for live streaming. This is the gaming platform that most people think of when talking about streaming.

Many of the most popular streamers in the world stream all of their content on Twitch. It’s a good destination for beginners and veterans alike.

I have already written many articles on Twitch, fx this one on Twitch overlays or how to get a subscriber button.

The Pros of Using Twitch

Since Twitch is the most established streaming platform, it makes sense to want to go there. Many people use Twitch every day – not just for gaming.

But as a gamer, Twitch has a ton of potential viewers for your channel because it already has an established audience of passionate video game fans.

It’s said that nearly two million people watch streamers on Twitch at any time during the day. 

It’s also very easy to figure out how to make money on Twitch – fx check out this guide to Twitch bits.

But besides bits, there are various revenue channels available to streamers, which can be very lucrative if you put in the work and grow your following well enough. 

Anyone looking to grow a streaming presence will want to consider starting on Twitch. It’s a sensible choice that will be easy to learn how to use.

The Cons of Using Twitch

Of course, there are potential cons to consider when streaming on Twitch. Not everyone will have an easy time getting noticed on the platform.

If you don’t have a social media presence, it might be hard to get attention at first. Some people also say that they don’t like Twitch due to its corporate approach to negotiations with streamers. 

Many streamers have to deal with trolls and wind up experiencing bullying and threats. You have to have a thick skin because there are many toxic idiots out there. Unfortunately, this is true on any of the major streaming channels),

The lack of moderation on these issues is frustrating – especially for a new streamer who wants a positive experience.

2. Facebook Streaming

Facebook Streaming isn’t as popular as Twitch, but many people use Facebook each day.

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It’s easy to see that Facebook is one of the most prominent social media applications. It plays a huge role in society that cannot be denied, although it can be argued that that influence is starting to recede due to fx TikTok.

Of course, there are good and bad things about this streaming service. You won’t want to jump into Facebook Streaming without considering everything first.

Take a look at the pros and cons below. 

The Pros of Using Facebook Streaming

The biggest positive of using Facebook for live streaming is that you can technically reach millions of people with your content.

Facebook is a huge social media site where many people post things daily. Many people scroll the app out of habit; some might be willing to check out the streaming section to pass the time.

Many successful streamers have carved out a niche on Facebook. 

It’s also true that Facebook is directly involved in the gaming industry. They own gaming studios and a VR gaming platform, the Meta Quest 2 (formerly called the Oculus Quest 2).

The company is also trying to make the metaverse a big deal, and being a streamer on the platform could be good if that happens to take off.

I highly doubt it, though, so I wouldn’t choose Facebook as a streaming platform because of the metaverse, which mostly looks like a bad version of Second Life.

But besides the meta VR games, you can stream any game you would stream on Twitch.

It might be possible to grow a big following on Facebook, especially if you’re looking for an older audience.

If you feel it will be a better fit for your streaming style, you should try it out. 

The Cons of Using Facebook Streaming

Many people outright hate Facebook and will refuse to use it. This could be related to political stances but also because they don’t like Zuckerberg or the company’s vibe.

A growing number of people are choosing to ditch Facebook and move over to other social media sites.

Whether you want to roll the dice and stream using Facebook will be up to you. 

The Facebook audience will also be older than Twitch and have a slightly different demographic than those using Twitch.

Depending on who you’re good at appealing to with your live streams, Facebook might not be a good fit for you.

3. YouTube Streaming

YouTube is also a popular video game streaming platform. While not as popular as Twitch, it still has a solid audience.

I think the reason is that before streaming took off, people recorded and uploaded gameplay videos to YouTube, as it was the only place for that purpose.

So many content creators have YouTube channels based on video games – and many have switched from game videos to live to stream and stayed on the platform.

The Pros of Using YouTube

For many, YouTube will make sense as a live-streaming platform.

If you already have a YouTube channel, subscribers can tune into your streams when you decide to go live. It’s easy to do, and you won’t have to ask your built-in audience to go elsewhere.

Anyone who has already built a following on YouTube will find this to be convenient. 

It’s easy to set up streams on YouTube, and you can get donations in the form of Super Chats.

It allows your subscribers to support what you’re doing and show their appreciation.

There’s a huge audience out there looking for live streaming of video games. Depending on your situation, this could be a better fit than Twitch – especially if you already have an audience there.

The Cons of Using YouTube

One potential problem is that YouTube is a blocked site in certain countries. Many schools also block it.

Viewers on YouTube might not be as used to donating money to streamers as those on Twitch, either.

However, you can condition the audience to get used to it. 

Changes to the algorithm sometimes make it hard for your videos and streams to get in front of your subscribers.

Many content creators get frustrated by YouTube constantly tinkering with the algorithm or the policies on what is allowed and what isn’t. If you want a steady experience, then Twitch might be better.

It depends on your audience and how good you are at building a following on YouTube, though.

Summary of the best game streaming services

I hope you found this guide to the best gaming streaming services helpful.

I would pick Twitch as my main streaming platform if I were starting. When I built an audience on Twitch and learned the dos and don’ts of streaming and how everything worked, I would multistream to Facebook and YouTube.

I would then take the best bits of my game streams, repurpose them, and post them to TikTok.

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Good luck with your streaming adventure.

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