Best Games Like Among Us – Spot The Killer Among Your Friends!


Among Us is a hit multiplayer game that people can’t get enough of.

Whether you love playing the game yourself or you just enjoy watching streamers try to determine who the most sus member of the group is, it’s easy to see why the game is so fun.

Among Us is a social deduction video game where players create the story and trying to find an impostor in your group can lead to many hilarious moments.

If you’ve played Among Us to death already, then you might be hoping to find other games similar to it.

So are there other games like Among Us? Luckily, yes!

Read on to check out some of the best games like Among Us.

Town of Salem

Town of Salem might be the most popular title on this list. You can play this game on PC, Mac, and mobile devices.

It’s a title that has a trust-and-betrayal theme just like Among Us. It’s different enough that it’s worth checking out, though.

You can choose from up to thirty-three different playable characters in this game. This title has been downloaded more than eight million times, and it has a very large player base.

The only downside is that the game moderation isn’t very good for a game this popular. Even so, it could be a fun game to play with up to fifteen friends if you need something different.

You can find Town of Salem here.


Deceit is like Among Us in certain ways, but it also has a much different vibe. This is a first-person game that has standard FPS controls.

Your player character wakes up in an asylum with five players that you don’t know. Two of those players are infected with a deadly virus and are tasked with killing the other players.

Much as with Among Us, you’ll have the chance to build alliances with other players as you attempt to survive. It’s a deception-based game where you’ll need to try to determine who is really on your side.

The graphics are quite good, and you’ll be able to play this title on PC if it piques your interest.

You can find Deceit on Steam.

Secret Neighbor

Thus far, console players haven’t had anything to sink their teeth into on this list. That changes now because Secret Neighbor is available on Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

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You can also play the title on PC and Google Stadia. It isn’t exactly like Among Us, but it does have similarities that will make it appealing to those who are big fans of that title.

In Secret Neighbor, six characters sneak into the neighbor’s home. The neighbor has to attempt to trap the other players and move them out. There is also an element where you’ll need to find the traitor in your group. This is an addictive title that is well worth your time.

You can read more about Secret Neighbor and buy the game here. is an easy game to check out if you’re interested. The game can be played on mobile devices such as Android phones, and you can even play the game using a web browser. It’s supposed to be coming to the iOS store soon as well.

The gameplay is very similar to Among Us, but it has its own quirks.

One thing to know before jumping into this one is that it’s substantially harder than Among Us. Many of the tasks that you have to complete will be more difficult than the ones in a standard game of Among Us.

If you’re looking for a bit of variety, then it’s worth giving this one a go. It could be a good social experience to have with your friends.

You can play online here.

Enemy On Board

Enemy On Board is a game that is available on PC and Mac. It’s a multiplayer title that’s like Among Us since you’re trying to find an impostor in your group.

You can form teams of up to eight players in this game, but two of the players are going to be impostors. It has a sci-fi theme, and the impostors are aliens hiding among the crew.

The visual style of Enemy On Board will appeal to fans of Among Us. You’ll find that the basic gameplay principles are very close to what you experience in an average Among Us game.

Communication is the key to survival, but it isn’t always going to be so simple. Give this a whirl with your friends if you need a new game like Among Us.

Find Enemy on Board here.

Unfortunate Spacemen

Unfortunate Spacemen is another science-fiction PC game that has some similarities to Among Us. You can play this title with up to sixteen players, and it has a betrayal theme.

The game will have players eavesdropping on each other, hiding, and trying to figure out how to survive. There’s also a story mode to play if you’re looking for something besides multiplayer fun.

You can find Unfortunate Spacemen on Steam.


I hope you found this guide to the best games like Among Us useful.

If so, don’t be an imposter – feel free to share it.


Here’s the answers to some common questions about games like Among Us:

What is a social deduction game?

A social deduction game is a game where players try to uncover the other players’ secret agendas or team allegiance using deductive reasoning. Players often use bluffs to avoid getting called out.

Famous social deduction video games include, of course, games like Among Us and Town of Salem mentioned above, but also mods to established games – fx StarCraft II‘s Phantom Mode mod, and the Trouble in Terrorist Town mod to Garry’s Mod.

Famous board games within this genre include Secret Hitler and Mafia, which are great fun by the way, when you want some time away from the screen.

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