Is Far Cry 6 Worth It?

Is Far Cry 6 worth it - Is Far Cry 6 boring and empty

I loved playing Far Cry 5! I played it together with a good friend, and we had so much fun driving around as hillbillies causing all sorts of mayhem. The main storyline was great, and the powerful cult leader Joseph Seed was such a charismatic and complex antagonist. Plus the animated cut-scenes were great and … Read more

What Happened to Couch Co-Op?

What Happened to Couch Co-Op - Is couch co-op dead

Many people fondly remember the days of sitting on their couches and playing games in the same room as their closest friends. You likely grew up playing co-op titles on older video game consoles. Playing video games together with friends who are in the same room as yourself is both a social and fun experience. … Read more