How to Mine in FFXIV

FXIV How to mine

(Featured Image credit: Square Enix) Final Fantasy XIV by Square Enix is among the best MMORPGs ever made. It has such a dedicated fanbase, and it has certainly proven to be a worthy entry in the Final Fantasy series. If you’ve just started playing FFXIV, then things like mining might seem a bit confusing. So … Read more

How to Repair Items in Minecraft

How to repair items in Minecraft

Featured image credit: Mojang Items break in Minecraft when you’ve used them enough times. Even that nice diamond pickaxe that you took the time to make will eventually break. In this post, I’ll show you how to repair items in Minecraft. Actually, there are three ways to repair a damaged item in Minecraft. And you … Read more

Guide: How To Make Infinite Lava In Minecraft

How to make infinite lava in Minecraft

Featured image credit: Mojang Normally, you want to avoid lava blocks in Minecraft since they can kill you, but there are certain creative uses for it. Normal lava in Minecraft has an orange color and can be used for things like burning enemies or creating obsidian. Therefore, having an infinite lava source at your disposal … Read more

How to Hide the UI in FFXIV. A Quick Guide.

How to hide the ui in FFXIV

(Featured Image credit: Square Enix) Final Fantasy XIV by Square Enix is such a great MMORPG game that makes it easy to have fun with friends. However, it’s easy to feel as if the user interface gets in the way sometimes, because the UI HUD elements (such as the main hotbar slots and progress bar) … Read more

Guide: FFXIV How To Take Screenshots [PC and PS4]

FFXIV How to take screenshots

(Featured Image credit: Square Enix) Playing Final Fantasy XIV with your friends is so much fun. There’s a reason why this MMORPG is considered to be among the best ever made. If you want you should check out my guide to crossplay in FFXIV here. Spending hours of time playing this game can feel like … Read more

Fire Emblem Three Houses – How Many Chapters Guide

Fire Emblem Three Houses How Many Chapters

Three Houses is the Fire Emblem game that helped to make the fantasy role-playing game series a bigger hit in North America. The whole Fire Emblem series started with Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light in 1990 published by Nintendo for the Famicom. Since then there have been 16 games released, and the latest … Read more

Best Settings for Overwatch [PC and console]

Best Settings for Overwatch

(Featured Image credit: Blizzard) Overwatch is a great game that has a vibrant competitive scene. PC is the preferred platform for most Overwatch players, but it’s very popular on consoles, too. Check out my article on crossplay in Overwatch here. If you wish to have the best experience while playing on PC, then it’s a … Read more