Easy Mounts to Get in WoW [World of Warcraft Guide]


For many, playing World of Warcraft is the perfect way to unwind after a hard day. You log on and go play for a while with some of your friends.

Those who are new to the game might be a bit jealous of certain mounts that their friends have.

You’d like to have a really cool mount that you can use in the game, wouldn’t you? I know you do!

So I’ve created this guide on some easy mounts to get in WoW – whether you prefer to play solo or together with friends.

This will ensure that you have a few good options for mounts when you’re playing the game.

You don’t need to be an expert to be able to acquire these mounts either. Once you’ve read all of the information, you’ll be ready to go out and finally get yourself the mount that you deserve.

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1. The Sandstone Drake

Getting the Sandstone Drake is going to be interesting because it’s not the same as the other mounts I’ll mention in this article.

You don’t ride this mount because you’re actually going to be transforming into it. Because of this, some people might not even consider the Sandstone Drake to be a mount. It just depends on how you look at it.

Someone is going to be able to ride the Sandstone Drake, though. It has an extra seat that allows you to take a friend along with you. So two people can get around if you manage to get the Sandstone Drake.

It’s very easy to get this mount the normal way because you learn it as an alchemy recipe.

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For those who want to get this mount even faster, there’s another method that you can follow. You can go to the auction house and purchase the “Vial of Sand” for a measly 60,000 gold. It allows you to skip a bunch of steps so that you can start using the Sandstone Drake right away.

Overall, this is one of the most useful mounts that you should try to get as soon as you can.

2. The Smoldering Ember Wyrm

The Smoldering Ember Wyrm is sometimes referred to as Nightbane. It used to be a bit of a special secret, but it’s very easy to obtain this mount now.

To get it, you’re going to need to go into Karazhan. Specifically, you need to go to the Legion dungeon.

When you’re inside the dungeon, you’re going to see a message pop up in the chat. That message will read “the strange chill of a dark presence winds through the air.”

Reading this message starts a timer that requires you to find five crystals in just five minutes. Every crystal that you grab will reset the timer to five minutes, though, and that’s why it’s kind of easy to get Nightbane.

Level 60 players will have a very easy time getting the crystals. You’ll be able to breeze through the dungeon and get everything that you need.

If you need help, then there are guides online that will lead you to the exact location of the crystals so that you can do things fast.

You really shouldn’t need the help since it’s an easy enough task.

After you finish gathering the crystals, you’re going to need to have a showdown with Nightbane. Defeating him gives you a 20% chance to have the Smoldering Ember Wyrm mount drop for your character.

It isn’t guaranteed that you will get the mount, but you can always try again if it doesn’t drop for you. You’ll find that 20% is a very good chance, and it shouldn’t take more than four or five tries to get the mount.

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3. The Red Flying Cloud

Perhaps you’d like to pretend that you’re Son Goku while playing World of Warcraft with your friends. Getting the Red Flying Cloud mount will allow you to do just that.

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It’s very simple to get this mount, and you’re going to enjoy having it for your player. To get the cloud, you’re going to need to first reach exalted status with the Lorewalkers.

This is easy to do since you can grind to gain the necessary reputation. Flying around and grabbing scrolls that you can turn in and give to Lorewalker Cho will be fast.

After you’ve gained exalted status, you’ll be able to purchase the Red Flying Cloud mount for just 600 gold. Go to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms and talk to Tan Shin Tiao to get what you’re after.

Many people say that this is their favorite mount. It has become a classic and recognizable mount. Don’t hesitate to go after this one if you need a mount that is easy to obtain. It’ll serve you well and it won’t take a lot of time to get it.

4. The Arboreal Gulper

Would you like to own one of the funniest mounts that you can obtain in WoW? Of course you would.

The Arboreal Gulper is currently one of the most used mounts in the game. It’s possibly the easiest mount to obtain in the game that is still considered to be cool.

You can get the Arboreal Gulper as a 100% drop from a rare mob. The rare mob that you need to track down is located in the Ardenweald.

To get started, you must obtain an unusually large mushroom. The unusually large mushroom will be dropped by any mob in the Ardenweald.

If you’ve spent much time in the Ardenweald at all, then you probably already have what you need.

Once you have this mushroom, you’re going to be able to spawn a rare boss named Humon’gozz. This boss has a lot of HP and will likely be easier to take down if you bring a few friends along.

This boss will drop the Arboreal Gulper mount and you’ll be able to start using it.

5. Grand Expedition Yak

Getting this mount is even easier than most of the mounts that have been mentioned so far.

The Grand Expedition Yak is something that you can buy for 120,000 gold. Even a new player will be able to get the necessary gold after dedicating just a bit of time to grinding.

Players who have been playing the game for a while should have the 120,000 gold ready to go.

To get this mount, you must travel to Kun-Lai Summit in the Mists of Pandaria. From there, you’ll need to go to the village known as One Keg.

In the east, you’ll be able to find Uncle Bigpocket at the Grummle Bazaar who will sell you the mount. There’s no need to go on an epic quest or hunt down a monster for the chance to obtain this mount as a drop.

If you’re looking for something simple, then this is the mount for you. It’s very useful despite being so easy to obtain.

It has a transmog vendor and a regular vendor strapped to its saddle. It makes it easy to clear out your bags or change your look on the fly.

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6. Shimmermist Runner

The Shimmermist Runner is such a cool mount. This mount was added with the Shadowlands, and many people consider it to be a top-tier mount.

One of the best things is that you’ll be able to get this mount in about five minutes. You have to travel to the Ardenweald to go to an area called the Root-Home.

From there, you have to go through the Tirna Scithe maze. To get the mount, you’ll need to take a specific route to reach a rare mount that will stand between you and the Shimmerist Runner mount.

Dispose of the mob and you’ll be able to claim your special horse. Getting it isn’t going to be that hard at all, and there are so many videos online about the path that you need to take in the maze.

You’ll likely find that this mount will be one of your most used. It’s a great mount that looks fantastic and is also very practical. Being able to get such a good mount without too much effort is great. You’ll love this one and it comes highly recommended.

7. The Bronze Drake

Perhaps you’re not that interested in riding on a horse. Maybe riding on an awesome dragon is more your speed.

The Bronze Drake is going to be right up your alley if that’s the case. This is a classic World of Warcraft mount that has stood the test of time.

Luckily, this is another mount that can be obtained in a short amount of time. You should be able to procure the Bronze Drake in under fifteen minutes.

Start off by going to The Culling of Stratholme and then into the Caverns of Time dungeon. Complete this dungeon before the time expires by following the markers on your map.

This is one of the oldest World of Warcraft dungeons, and that makes it so easy to finish.

Once you reach the end of the dungeon, you’ll be able to face off against a being known as the Infinite Corruptor.

You might think that it would be an intimidating fight with such a name, but that isn’t the case. Most people can kill this enemy in just one shot nowadays.

Loot the enemy to claim the Reins of the Bronze Drake. You’ll now be able to fly around on an awesome dragon to get where you need to go.

Granted, this is an older dragon mount that isn’t as flashy as some of the modern dragon mounts that you can obtain. Even so, I still consider the Bronze Drake to be the coolest dragon because it has a timeless design.

8. The Spinemaw Gladechewer

Perhaps riding an intimidating bug would be appealing to you. The Spinemaw Gladechewer is another mount that can be found in the Shadowlands section of the Ardenweald.

It’s an easy mount to obtain since it’s a guaranteed drop. You’ll simply have to face off with one of the elites in the area.

To get the mount you need to go to the Mistveil Tangle to track down a rare spawn. You have to defeat Bristlecone Terrors when the guardians have been thrown off of their backs. This is what creates the chance for the rare spawn to occur.

Gormtamer Tizo is the spawn that you’re looking for. Defeat him!

A carapid mount named Chompy might show up and can then be killed. This enemy will always drop the Spinemaw Gladechewer mount for you.

This does take a bit more work than some of the easier mounts mentioned here, but it’s still not hard to add this mount to your collection.

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9. Sinrunner Blanchy

Sinrunner Blanchy is another Shadowlands mount that you’re likely going to want. It’s a good mount that players can get before they reach level 45.

So if you’re still sort of new to the game, it’s good to know that you can get this mount before too long. You just need to be able to survive in the Shadowlands to grab this mount.

To get this mount you need to be nice to it for six days! It’s an undead horse that you need to feed different things. Each day, the horse will ask for something different to eat. Give the horse what it requests and it’ll eventually become yours.

Since you have to feed the mount six days in a row, this one isn’t necessarily fast to get. However, it’s easy because all you’re doing is feeding the horse.

Once you feed it the last thing that it asks for, you’ll be given the mount. It looks amazing and is a lot of fun to ride.

In Closing

There are so many great mounts that you can obtain in World of Warcraft. Above, you have information about how to obtain some of the coolest mounts.

These mounts all happen to be pretty easy to get. You only have to work to get a few of them, and even then, it’s not that difficult.

Enjoy these mounts and have fun adventuring in WoW. Having good mounts to choose from will make your time with the game that much more enjoyable.

You might want to track down all of these mounts or you might only want certain ones. Either way, you know what to do now.