How to See FPS in Overwatch

How to See FPS in Overwatch. Featured Image.

Seeing your FPS (frames-per-second) is essential in online games, especially in competitive games like Overwatch. That’s because viewing your FPS can give you a general idea of if the lag you are experiencing is due to computer performance issues or network latency.  In this step-by-step guide, I’ll show you how to show FPS in Overwatch … Continue Reading

What does Focus do in Elden Ring?

What does Focus do in Elden Ring? Featured Image.

Elden Ring is one of the most challenging role-playing games to succeed at – even more brutal than Dark Souls, and it comes with dozens of different stats that you can improve.  Today I will look at Focus, what it is, the effect it has on your character, and how to upgrade it.  In this … Continue Reading

League of Legends: How to Check Your MMR

League of Legends how to check MMR. Featured Image.

While most of us can go our entire League of Legends career without worrying about MMR, others may take the game more seriously. If you enjoy competitive games, you have probably tried to find your matchmaking rank or MMR but have come up empty. That’s because the MMR value is secret. While there’s no official way … Continue Reading

How Much is Oni Phantom in VALORANT?

how much is Oni Phantom VALORANT featured image

Named after the fearsome beings of Japanese folklore, the Oni skins embody the beauty and fear that belongs to the ancient Oni. While the skin pack comes with multiple skins, the Oni Phantom is one of the best-looking weapon skins. And since the Phantom is probably the most used gun, many players want to own … Continue Reading