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Playing Final Fantasy XIV with your friends is so much fun. There’s a reason why this MMORPG is considered to be among the best ever made. If you want you should check out my guide to crossplay in FFXIV here.

Spending hours of time playing this game can feel like only minutes when you’re having a great time. You might want to show off some of your gear and fun in-game moments by taking screenshots. 

It isn’t immediately clear how to take screenshots in the game, though. If you’re at a loss, then you shouldn’t feel bad.

There are a couple of ways to take screenshots in FFXIV on both PC and PS4: a simple way, and by using a special in-built tool called GPose. I’ll explain both of these methods here.

Continue reading in this guide FFXVI How to take screenshots and you will learn how you can take great pics of what you’re doing in the game easily.

How to take Screenshots in FFXIV on PC

Taking screenshots when you’re playing on PC will be incredibly simple. All you need to do is press the “Prt Sc” (Print Screen) button on your keyboard. This button is referred to as the print screen button. It takes a screenshot of the screen whenever you press it. 

Even if you know this, it still might be hard to determine where to find the screenshot. After you press the key on your keyboard, where is the picture going to be located? You’ll have to locate it on your PC. It shouldn’t be too hard to find overall. 

Where to Find FFXIV Screenshots on PC

Open up the documents tab and go into the “My Games” section. You should be able to navigate to the FFXIV folder from there. Inside this folder, you can find the screenshots folder. This is where all of the screenshots that you take during the game will be located.

  1. Open File Explorer
  2. Click on the Documents folder.
  3. Navigate to My Games -> FFXIV -> Screenshots

Conversely, you might need to navigate to the program files folder to find the game folder. Depending on which version of Windows you’re using, there might be different paths to get where you need to go.

Either way, you’re searching for the game folder, and that should be located somewhere in the program files. Once you’re there, navigate to the FFXIV folder and then to the folder where the screenshots are stored. 

You’ll be able to share and move any of the screenshots that you’ve taken once you’ve found them. If you want to have the pictures in a more convenient location, then you can put them in the My Pictures folder.

Upload them to social media or do whatever else you wish with them. It’s easy and fun to take screenshots in Final Fantasy XVI on PC. 

Taking Screenshots on PS4

Taking screenshots on PS4 is simple as well. You can do this by simply pressing the “share button” on the DualShock 4 controller. This will bring up a menu where you can choose to snap a screenshot.

Whenever you want to take a picture in the PS4 version of the game, you’re just going to need to use the share button.

You won’t have as many options available to you when taking screenshots on the PS4 when compared to the PC. Even so, it’s nice that the process is simple for everybody to understand.

Use GPose Take Better Screenshots on PC and PS4

Using special photo tools to take better screenshots on PC will improve the experience a lot. There is a group pose tool that is referred to as “GPose” that you should know about.

The GPose tool was released in patch 3.4 and it makes taking screenshots a lot more intuitive.

With GPose you can do things such as adjust poses, lighting, take special group poses with your squad, and more.

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You enter GPose by typing “/grouppose” or “gpose” in the game chat. Or go to extras tabs in your menu. Look under “actions and traits”. This works on both PC and PS4.

If you’ve accidentally hidden the game chat, just press Enter (on PC) to activate it again. On PS4 simply pressing the touchpad button will do the same.

If you enjoy the idea of photography within the game, then you should utilize this tool. The basic screenshots that you can take with the print screen key will pale in comparison to the ones you’ll get using the GPose tool.

Also, it’s a lot better when you’re trying to take pictures with your entire group. Being able to match the poses up properly and adjust the lighting will make things look fantastic. 

There are good features such as the individual pause and group pause options. You should be able to line up amazing shots after you play around with things a bit.

Admittedly, certain aspects of the tool can become a bit complicated, but it’s easy enough to learn how to use when you only care about the basics. If you’re a game photography aficionado, then you can delve into the intricacies of lighting, color filters, screen filters, and more.

Putting frames on the pictures can be done using the game screenshot tool as well. You can choose to have no frame at all, a basic type of frame, or a torn frame.

Depending on the look that you’re going for, it can help things to turn out perfectly. Capture dramatic moments with your character and your friends that you play the game with. 

One cool thing to note is that you can make status effects appear on the characters using this special tool. You can make it appear that your character is petrified, seduced, frozen, sleeping, or on fire. It can be a good bit of fun to play around with the photo tool.

Spend as much time with it as you want to so that you can share awesome screenshots with all of your gaming buddies. 

In Closing

Taking screenshots in Final Fantasy XIV isn’t difficult. So if you want to take pictures of their gear or get a standard group shot with their friends, now you know how. Those who want something more complex will be able to utilize the GPose tool on the PC. 

This is a tool that gives you an abundance of options for taking screenshots. You can set up special poses, alter the lighting, add color filters, and do so many other things.

It can honestly be a bit overwhelming for those who aren’t into the complex nature of getting the perfect photo. For those who love in-game photography, it’ll be well worth using the tool. 

Enjoy your time in the world of Ivalice and take plenty of screenshots with your friends. Even if you decide to stop playing the game someday, you’ll have the screenshots as reminders of your journey.

It is always fun to have mementos from your many hours spent playing MMORPGs. Be sure to send your friends the cool shots that you took together so they will be able to keep them forever as well.

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