Highest Level in League of Legends: Different Tiers Explained


Whether you are a hardcore gamer who loves to grind away for hours at a game or enjoy playing games for fun, you have probably wondered about the highest level in League of Legends. 

Do you want to take a shot at being the highest leveled player or become one of the top players in the world?

The highest level in League of Legends is the Challenger rank. This challenger tier has room for only the top 200 – 300 players in each region. Reaching the highest rank means you’re among the top 0.011% players. In other words, you are pretty badass, have no life, or both!

Regardless of your end goal, keep reading to get the answers to your questions and find out everything you need to know about the ranked system in League of Legends! 

The old top tier vs. the remodeled League of Legends ranks

New players probably don’t know this, but if you have played League since before 2018, you may remember the days when your account’s max level cap was 30. 

Since then, though, Riot Games has removed the level cap allowing League players to grind away and climb hundreds of levels up the ranked ladder.

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How To Level Up Quickly and Efficiently – a quick overview

You can – and should! – take advantage of the different game modes to gain XP because not all game modes are created equal regarding ranking.

While one game mode will allow you to climb a higher division, it will take a long time to reach the higher ranks with another.

For example, maybe you do not like facing down enemies in Summoner’s Rift but want to enjoy some bot games with your friends. 

You can do that if you want – especially at the lower ranks. But you’ll quickly find that you do not level up as quickly as people who play against other players.

So how can you level up quickly and efficiently, especially when reaching Level 30 to unlock Ranked

Here are the basics on leveling up quickly in League of Legends. Go here for a full guide to the fastest way to level up.

The best way for a beginner League of Legends player to level up fast

When looking to climb up League levels, there are several things you can do to make the process as fast as possible.

First, play against the beginner bots until you reach Level 30. Once you are past level 30, the level rewards and amount of experience points they give you are nowhere worth the time you spend on the rounds.

Use the daily XP you gain from playing a game, so even if you can only play one game a day, do it.

After Level 15, take advantage of the first win of the day bonus. Like me, casual players with limited time can play against easy bots to secure a quick XP boost.

Do you have friends who play League of Legends and are high-leveled players? If so, try to queue with them. 

You get 3x the amount of XP when you win a game, and playing with higher-leveled teammates will make it more likely you win. 

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Finally, utilize XP boosts to get extra XP for a certain period or a number of wins. Check out this guide to learn how to use them to their fullest potential and climb levels like a boss. 

Current Ranks In League of Legends

Alongside your account level, there are ranks you can earn and move up through if you enter the terrors known as Ranked. 

In League of Legends, there are currently nine ranks available. When you enter each new rank, you receive a new profile border and a special icon to show off your skills to everyone who faces you in battle. 

Ranks in League of Legends:

  • Iron
    • Iron IV
    • Iron III
    • Iron II
    • Iron I
  • Bronze
    • Bronze IV
    • Bronze III
    • Bronze II
    • Bronze I
  • Silver
    • Silver IV
    • Silver III
    • Silver II
    • Silver I
  • Gold
    • Gold IV
    • Gold III
    • Gold II
    • Gold I
  • Platinum
    • Platinum IV
    • Platinum III
    • Platinum II
    • Platinum I
  • Diamond
    • Diamond IV
    • Diamond III
    • Diamond II
    • Diamond I
  • Master
  • Grandmaster
  • Challenger

From Iron to Diamond, players must move through four tiers before leveling up to the next rank, but the Master tier, Grandmaster tier, and Challenger tier do not force you to go through all those extra struggles. 

That is because they are for the top echelon of LoL players, with only the top 200 – 300 best players in each region being able to reach Challenger. 

Challenger is the highest level in Ranked League of Legends you can reach, with nowhere to go other than to continue increasing your LP and hoping you hold onto your ranking. 

LoL Ranks Distribution


The LoL Ranking System explained: What are MMR, ELO, and LP?

When playing Ranked in League of Legends, you have likely heard about MMR, ELO, and LP, though you may not have known what those meant. 

In League, MMR refers to Matchmaking Rating, which many other games, League included, assign to your account. 

It tells the algorithm your skill level to match you against players of a similar skill level. The difference in League, though, is you do not know what your MMR is, as it is a hidden number. 

Before the current ranking system, League of Legends used ELO. When someone asks you what your ELO is, they ask what your rank is in League of Legends. A low ELO rating means a player of the lowest rank, while a high ELO rating means a high-level player.

Finally, what are LP gains? LP refers to League Points, which you earn after winning a Ranked match and can also be lost if you lose your match. 

Here is the kicker, your LP is based on your and your opponent’s MMR, which, once again, is hidden, so how do you tell what your general MMR is?

If you earn less than 15 LP when you win a match, your MMR is lower than that of an average player in your current rank.

On the other hand, if you are earning more than 25 LP per match, your MMR is far above your current rank’s average player. 

To get in the sweet spot, you want to earn between 18 – 25 LP per match, which means you are at the average MMR of your rank, and the algorithm will place you against people of a similar skill level. 


Reaching the highest level in League of Legends may seem daunting, especially as there is no level cap. Still, you can move up the levels by grinding away and employing good leveling tricks. 

If you found this article helpful, check out how to achieve an S Rank in League of Legends! Until next time, happy gaming! 


What is the Max Level For Champions in League of Legends?

When playing with a champion in-game, the champion level is capped at Level 18, though this is different in some special game modes. 

Leveling up your champion in a match upgrades your champion’s stats for that match but does not give you any rewards. 

How Do I Get Started in Ranked?

Getting started in Ranked is not easy, as you have to reach Level 30 and own 20 or more champions on your account. 

Once you unlock Ranked, you have to play through your placement matches, and then you will receive your first League Rank. 

Check out How to Unlock Ranked for tips and tricks to unlocking the Ranked game mode quickly and easily. 

What is the Difference Between Solo Ranked and Flex Ranked?

There are no real differences between Solo, and Flex Ranked games, as they affect your LP and Rank.

Solo Ranked is when you want to play by yourself or one of your best buddies. Flex Ranked, on the other hand, allows you to play with a party of 3 or 5 players.

Riot Games does not allow you to play with a party of four players to prevent a random player from being excluded from the party of four. 

Who is the Current Highest Level Player? 

The highest leveled player in League of Legends is Nolife Flynn, who sits at level 3387. 

Right behind him are Eipa at level 3176, Toucan Celeste at level 2831, and IPMagazine at level 2522. 

You can keep up to date on their current progress here.

What is the Max Mastery Level For Champions?

When playing League of Legends, you earn Mastery points on the champion you use as long as it is in a Summoner’s Rift (non-bot) or Ranked matches. 

These mastery points represent your skill at the champion, and you even unlock special rewards like emotes. 

Mastery is capped at Level 7, though after Level 5, how you increase your mastery changes. Instead of leveling up after you play enough games, you have to unlock Levels 6 and 7 via Hextech Crafting. 

Who is the Number One Ranked Player Currently?

Regarding League of Legends, one name stands above all others: the pro player known as Faker. You may also know him by his other name, the Unkillable Demon King. 

He has dominated the League of Legends Esports picture for years and shows no signs of stopping his reign as the Demon King of League of Legends. 

What is a Good Rank in League of Legends?

While many players may consider anything underneath Master and Grandmaster as “low ELO,” you are within the top 10% of players if you reach the Platinum level. 

However, most players will only ever make it as high as Silver and Gold, as the further up the ranks you go, the more difficult clawing your way through your promotion matches becomes. 

If you truly want to reach the highest ranks, it will require thousands of dedicated hours of hard work.

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