How Long Do Herbs Take To Grow In OSRS? Your Guide To OSRS Herbs.


If you’re like me and love the nostalgic feeling of old-school role-playing games, then you probably also love spending time playing Old School Runescape (OSRS).

Then you probably also already know that planting herbs and farming is important. So you might be wondering: how long do herbs take to grow in OSRS?

The short answer to this question is that it takes herbs 80 minutes to grow in OSRS. However, that’s not including the time it takes to actually acquire the herb seeds, which you can do in several ways – all of which I’ll cover in this article.

Read on to learn how more about herb seeds in OSRS and the best ways to get them.

Let the harvesting begin…

Reach Level Nine to Start Planting Herbs

Before being able to grow herbs, you need to be at a high enough level. Once you reach level nine farming, you’ll be able to begin planting herbs.

It won’t take long at all to reach level nine in farming, thankfully. Spend a little bit of time farming so that you can reach the appropriate level. 

How to Farm Herbs

Farming herbs in Old School Runescape is very easy to do. You need to find a farming patch where you can plant seeds.

Herbs patches require you to be level nine and they require one seed to plant. Over time, the herb will grow, and it will eventually reach a fully-grown state. 

When the herb is fully-grown, you’ll be able to click on it to harvest it. You might get a lot of herbs from just one patch.

The number of herbs that you can harvest varies from 3 to 18. Plant herbs in multiple spots so that you can get all that you need. 

How Long Does It Take Herbs to Grow in OSRS?

It doesn’t take that long for herbs to grow. After you plant the herbs, you’ll have to wait 80 minutes to be able to harvest them.

Every herb patch will need one herb seed, and then you’ll be able to harvest your chosen herb type after 80 minutes. If you want herbs of a different type, then you’ll need a different herb seed. 

So if you want to get different types of herbs, you’ll want to go out and farm herb seeds. There are different methods for doing this that you’ll learn about later.

For now, just know that you will want to have multiple farm patches growing at once with the herb seeds. This will allow you to harvest one patch, travel to another, and then harvest the new patch. 

Since the herbs take 80 minutes to grow each time, it isn’t going to be a super-fast process. Having all of the spots growing herbs at once can make things seem like they’re going faster.

At the very least, you can harvest plenty of herbs by utilizing multiple farming patches. You’ll have more herbs than you’ll know what to do with before you know it. 

How To Get Herb Seeds In OSRS

There are many methods for getting herb seeds that can help you out. Some of them are going to be easier than others.

Below you can see some great methods.

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Pickpocket seeds

If you’re looking for rare herb seeds, you can always try pick-pocketing some. To do this, you’ll want to travel to Draynor Village and look for master farmers. 

The master farmers are the ones that you can obtain the herb seeds from.

You can pick-pocket them to procure rare or expensive herb seeds.

You should know that you can’t pick-pocket the farmers right away. It’s necessary to reach level 38 in thieving to have the ability to steal from the farmers.

So you might wish to spend some time leveling that skill. It’ll be worthwhile since this is the best way to obtain herb seeds as well as other types of seeds. 

If you dedicate yourself to this, then you can get thousands of seeds from the master farmers. This can all be achieved in a fairly short period of time.

If you use a rogue’s outfit, everything you steal will have the chance to be doubled. This means you’ll sometimes get double the seeds, and that’s certainly going to come in handy. 

Of course, this isn’t the only way to get herb seeds. There are other reliable methods that you should learn about. 

Hunt Down Mammoths 

Hunting down mammoths is a very reliable way to get herb seeds. You can fight these behemoth creatures in the wilderness to the north of Edgeville.

The mammoths are going to be near the Ferox Enclave. These creatures can drop all sorts of different seeds, and that makes it worthwhile to spend time hunting them. 

People usually hunt mammoths to try to obtain tree seeds. These give a lot of experience. You can get some herb seeds from them as well. These creatures can drop 11 different types of herb seeds. 

Kill the Giant Mole

Killing the giant mole is a wonderful way to earn seeds. This is a great boss to farm when you’re looking for seeds.

‘The only things that you’ll really get for this boss are seeds. You’ll have the chance to get all sorts of different herb seeds by killing this boss repeatedly. 

The giant mole drops moleskins and claws. You can trade those items in to receive birds’ nests, and each of these nests will have many seeds that you can take.

It’s a reliable way to get herb seeds as well as other types of seeds. You’ll get more low-level seeds by using this method, but there is the chance to occasionally get high-level seeds. 

Fight the Wintertodt

Fighting the Wintertodt is a fun mini-game that can reward you with many different things. You’ll be rewarded a supply crate if you get at least 500 points during the fight.

The crate will have at least two items inside, but you can get more items for every 500 points you score. Many things can show up in the supply crate such as herbs, uncut gems, herb seeds, fish, and ore. 

Complete Slayer Tasks

Completing slayer tasks will be an excellent way of getting seeds. You likely want to raise your slayer rank anyway. As you complete the various slayer tasks, you’ll earn many rewards. Among these awards will be various seed drops. 

You’re going to get a large number of herb seeds simply by completing slayer tasks. This is a great way to passively get herb seeds that you can plant. Just continue working toward reaching slayer level 99. Along the way, you’ll get tons of useful drops. 

How to Find the Herb Patches in OSRS

Now that you know how to get lots of seeds, you’ll want to find herb patches. There are all sorts of farming patches in the game where you can grow herbs.

You should look for herb patches specifically. In total, there are nine of these patches that you can utilize in Old School Runescape

The herb patches can be found in the following locations:

  • South of Falador 
  • West of Port Phasmatys
  • North of Catherby
  • North of Ardougne
  • Southwest Corner of Hosidius
  • Root of the Troll Stronghold
  • Harmony Island
  • Weiss
  • Farming Guild

Utilize these patches by planting the herb seeds that you have in your possession.

Every time you plant an herb seed, it’ll take 80 minutes for you to be able to harvest the fully-grown herbs.

Growing in multiple locations is the best way to get the herbs that you want fast. Be sure to find the patches in all of the locations for the sake of convenience. 

Granted, not all nine of these patches are easily accessible. Most veterans of the game who like to do herb runs say that it’s easier to focus on four or five of the patches.

You could just try going back and forth between the easiest four or so herb patches to get what you need.

This allows you to get many herbs and you’ll be able to level your herblore skill effectively.

How to Boost Your Yield

There is a way that you can boost your yield when planting herbs, too. Herbs have five growth stages, and three of these growth stages have the chance of producing diseased herbs.

There is a base 20% chance of the herbs getting diseased. You can keep this from happening by using compost. 

You’ll find different types of compost that can reduce the chance of the crops becoming diseased during each stage.

There are three tiers of compost that you can obtain:

  • Normal compost gives your crops a 50% chance of survival.
  • Super compost boosts the chance of survival to 72%.
  • Ultra compost gives you a 92% chance of survival.

If you want the crops to do as well as possible, then you should absolutely be using compost. 

It’s always best to use compost because it truly helps. Even using basic compost will make things better overall.

If possible, always choose to use ultra compost. Any type of compost is better than nothing, though. 

Disease-Free Patches

You can find disease-free patches as well, but you have to do something to be able to access them.

  • You must first get 50% hosidius favor to access the hosidius patch.
  • There’s also a patch in the troll stronghold that you can access after completing the “My Arm’s Big Adventure” quest.
  • Finally, the Weiss patch can be accessed after completing the “Making Friends with My Arm” quest. 

All three of these patches are disease-free. That means that you won’t need to worry about using compost when planting herbs at these patches.

Having patches that are disease-free and can’t die will be fantastic. Use them well to get lots of herbs for your potions. 

What Are Herbs Used for?

You use the herbs that you’re growing in the herblore skill tree. This allows you to make potions using different types of herbs.

There are a lot of herbs in this game, and many have a grimy and clean state. You must clean the herbs so that you can use them in potions. 

If you have a high enough herblore level, then you’ll be able to clean grimy herbs. The potions that you’re able to make will help you out in the game.

Therefore, it’s worth spending some time leveling up your herblore skill. You’ll be able to make a lot of potions that will help you out in a pinch. 

In Closing

Growing herb seeds isn’t something that you can do instantaneously, but it’s not going to be too long of a process overall.

After planting herb seeds in an herb patch, you can harvest those herbs after 80 minutes have passed. You can grow all sorts of different herbs by farming them in this fashion. 

Obtaining herb seeds to grow in the patches can be done in different ways. You can find them as loot from killing monsters.

The most practical way to get lots of herb seeds is to pick-pocket the master farmers. You’ll need to reach thieving level 38 to be able to do this, though. 

There are nine different herb patches in OSRS where you can grow herbs. Some of them are easier to access than others.

Only three of the patches are disease-free. The other patches have a chance to die and ruin your yield. 

Prevent your yield from getting ruined by using compost when planting herbs. So long as you remember to do this, it should be an easy experience.

Farming herbs in Old School Runescape isn’t hard. I hope you found this useful so that you will have a good time and use the herbs to increase your herblore skill so that you can make the finest potions in the game. 

If any of your friends are confused about how to go about growing herbs, then you can let them know what you learned. It’ll help them to know how they can get the herbs that they need.

You’ll be able to continue having fun with the game and discussing it with your closest gaming buddies. Get out there and keep exploring the world of Old School Runescape.

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