How Much is 1000 Gifted Subs on Twitch? Ultimate Guide to Twitch Subs.


Do you wish to support your favorite streamers’ Twitch channel more than you already do?

Well, there is a way you can do that, and that is through gifted subs.

Actually, there are two ways – the other being cheer Bits, which you can read more about here.

Don’t know what Twitch subs are? Do not worry. I will walk you through everything you need to know about gifting subs and how you can use that to show your undying support to the creators you follow on Twitch. 

What Are Gifted Subs?

Gifted subs are the same as regular Twitch subscriptions, except you are gifting them to a specific user – or the community.

So, for example, let us say you have become good friends with a fellow Twitch user who is not subscribed to a small Twitch streamer (or popular streamer) you both enjoy watching.

Gifted subs receive the normal benefits as a regular subscription, meaning your friend will get access to the subscription-only chat, a sub badge, emotes, and more.

A gifted subscription is also a great way to support the hard work of content creators who live stream your favorite video games. You can gift them a sub to support the mutual creator, benefiting all parties.

When sub(s) are gifted, an alert will go into the chat – unless you gift the sub anonymously.

You cannot gift anonymously if you gift subs to the chat community. Instead, an alert will show your username and the number of subs you gifted to the chat.

What happens if I gift a sub to the community?

Okay, so you don’t have any friends IRL but still want to spread some love and appreciation for the channel in the chat rooms? I know the feeling!

You can still do that by gifting subs to the community. When you do so, the Twitch algorithm selects who shall receive the sub among the random people in the chat room, followers, mods, and more secret algorithm stuff.

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How to increase the chances of getting a free subscription

If you’re like me, you don’t have a money tree growing in the garden. And Twitch costs from subscription payments quickly add up if you buy normal subs to support more than one streamer. – Even more so if you gift subs too.

If you’re lucky, you can postpone the subscription fee by being gifted a subscription. And there are two ways you can increase your chances of doing so:

First, you can increase your chances of receiving a subscription by being part of the community and active in the chat room. Just don’t troll or spam because the algorithm will detect it.

Second, you can increase your chances on bigger channels. Channels belonging to big streamers will have more gifted subs going around. So by following popular channels, you make it statistically more likely that you will receive one at some point.

However, you can still get gifted subs on smaller channels.

Different Subscription Tiers

Twitch subs work as monthly contributions – or monthly subscriptions, if you will.

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Twitch has three different subscription tiers costing $4.99, $9.99, and $24.99.

Once you have chosen the sub-tier, you must choose either one month, three months, six months, or 12 months. 

By default, all gifted subs are Tier 1 subs for one month. You cannot gift multi-month or Tier 2 & Tier 3 subs to the chat.

All subs gifted to the chat will be Tier 1 for one month.

How much are 1000 subs on Twitch?

So how much money would it cost to gift 1000 subs to a Twitch chat community? 

1000 Twitch Tier 1 subs cost $4,990 per month!

If you want to gift 1000 Twitch subs for 12 months, you can do so for the small sum of $59,880!

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If for some reason, you decided to gift Tier 2 or Tier 3 subs to specific users, you are looking at either $9,990 for 1,000 Tier 2 subs and $24,990 for 1,000 Tier 3 subs.

Again, you cannot gift users multi-month Tier 2 or Tier 3 subscriptions. The only multi-month option available is for gifting Tier 1 subs.

Here’s a table that gives a nice overview of the price of subs on Twitch.

Months of tierTier-1 sub costs in US$Tier-2 sub costs in US$Tier-3 sub costs in US$1000 gifted subs costs in US$ (Tier-1)
Table 1: Twitch subscriptions monthly costs. Notice you can’t gift tier-2 and tier-3 subs for more than one month at a time.

Twitch taxes and fees

Twitch subs do not have additional taxes added on.

However, depending on your location, you may be subject to taxes. If you are curious if you will have to pay taxes, check your local tax laws online.

You should also consider the fees you have to pay to your bank or Paypal or whatever method you choose for payment.

Of course, you are also subject to taxes if you receive subs and earn money from Twitch. New streamers need to pay attention to this.

Streamer’s Cut From Gifted Subs

So how much does a streamer earn from the gifted subs?

The amount of money a streamer gets is 50% of each gifted sub. That is the same amount partners make per sub when you subscribe as a non-gifted sub.

So, from the example above, for 1,000 gifted Tier 1 subs, the streamer would receive half of the money, i.e., $2,495. 

How to Gift Subs on Twitch

To gift subs on Twitch, you have two options available. The first option is to gift to a specific user, and the second is to the chat. If you gift a sub to a specific user, follow these steps to complete the gift.

  1. Click on the user’s name to open their user card.
  2. Select the “Gift a Sub” option.
  3. Choose the subscription tier you want to gift and the number of months.
  4. If you wish to gift the sub anonymously, tick the box next to “Gift Anonymously.”
  5. Complete your payment, and the person will receive their new sub!

How to gift a sub to the community on Twitch

Gifting to the chat is easier than gifting to an individual streamer.

All you need to do to gift the subs is type /gift followed by the number of subscriptions you wish to gift. It must be a number between 1 and 100.

An example of this would be /gift 50. This would gift 50 subs to the chat and would create a chat alert saying “[username] has donated [number of] subs.

But remember, when you gift subs to the community as a chat message, your gift will not be anonymous. But hey, if you gift subscriptions to the chat, it’s only fair your get some love back, right!?


Supporting your favorite creators is always great, as it shows that you appreciate the work and effort they put into their streams.

There are many ways to do that, but gifting subs is one of the best ways and does not have to put a dent in your wallet.

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Until next time, happy gaming!


Q: Can you gift Twitch bits like subs?

A: No, you cannot gift bits like you would when you are gifting subs. Instead, you use bits to support a creator directly, and are typically bought in packages of 100 – 1000. Each bit is worth $0.01, and it costs $1.40 to purchase 100 bits. From that 100 bits, a creator receives $1, and Twitch takes the other $0.40. 

Q: How do I use a sub I have been gifted?

A: Once someone has gifted you a sub, you can use it the same way you would use a sub you had personally purchased. Click subscribe underneath a creator’s video player, and there you go! You are now subscribed for a month to the creator. 

Q: Can Amazon Prime subs be gifted to other users?

A: No. You currently can not use Amazon Prime subs to gift to other users. Subs can only be purchased if you have purchased them. 

Q: I gifted a sub but want my money back. Is there a refund option? 

A: Twitch’s official FAQ page states that refunds are NOT available for gifted subs. Once you have gifted a sub, you cannot request a refund, as it is seen in the same way as a donation by Twitch. 

Q: Should I gift subs to my favorite creators or donate directly?

A: While donations are always helpful to creators, subscriptions are the better option for the long-term growth of a channel. It helps to grow that creator’s channel and can help them earn even more subscriptions in the future. So if you choose between a donation or gifted subs, you should choose the gift subs option. 

Q: Do gifted subs auto-renew?

A: No. Gifted subs do not auto-renew and automatically end after the month. 

Q: What does it mean if the “Gift a Sub” option is grayed out?

A: If you find that the “Gift a Sub” option is grayed out when trying to gift someone a sub, that means they are already a sub to the channel. You can double-check this by checking if a subscriber emote is next to their name in chat.

Q: What is a Twitch partner?

A: A Twitch partner is any content creator who streams live on Twitch and is in the Twitch Partner program. The Twitch Partner program makes it possible to monetize your streams (among other things) and is the next step up from the Twitch affiliate program.

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