How Much is Heatwave Worth in Rocket League?


When it comes to Rocket League, beating other rocket league players is only half of the fun. Why stop impressing your friends and foes with your skills when you can impress them with how amazing your car looks?

One of the easiest ways to do this is by purchasing rare items, such as black market decals like Fire God or Heatwave.

After all, who wants to drive around with a regular decal when you can have animated flames adorning your car?

If you are ready to learn everything you need about the Heatwave decal, how to get your hands on it, and its price, then keep reading!

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What is Heatwave?

Heatwave is a black market decal that is incredibly hard to get your hands on without spending a sizable chunk of change. After being replaced in September 2016, it has become the most popular game decal. 

When you get your hands on Heatwave, you get to choose two colors: a primary that remains stationary and an animated secondary. The animated secondary color creates a flamelike design which is how this decal got the name Heatwave.

If you haven’t seen Heatwave yourself, here’s a video from Sportydan11 making a nice titanium white version of the Heatwave animated design:

How to Get Heatwave

There are multiple ways to get your hands on Heatwave other than purchasing it through the Rocket League store or an online seller.

Remember, while online sellers may offer the decal cheaper than the Rocket League store, they may not be legit.

Always do your research on a seller to ensure your payment information is kept secure, and you are not scammed. 

  • Item Shop: Occasionally, Heatwave may appear in Rocket League’s item shop, though there is no guarantee or way of knowing when exactly it may appear. If you wish to get it through the item shop, you must keep enough credits to purchase it. 
  • Blueprints: When you get a Heatwave blueprint, you do not need keys to unlock it. Instead, you have to spend credits to unlock the decal, so keep the blueprint on hand until you have earned enough credits to get Heatwave. 
  • Crates: During certain holidays, you may get your hands on a Golden Pumpkin or Golden Egg. The chance of them containing Heatwave is astronomically low, but you may be one of the lucky few who can get the black market decal this way. 

These options have meager chances of providing you with Heatwave, but if you do not want to spend money, they are your best option.

However, if you have your heart set on getting the decal, you will likely have to consider spending upwards of $20. 

Purchasing Via the Official Store or an Online Seller

So, you have been trying to get Heatwave via luck and have yet to acquire it.

Unfortunately, the only options left to you are to purchase the decal through the official Rocket League store or by finding someone online who is selling the decal. 

Once again, if you purchase from someone online, ensure your payment information is encrypted, and do your research to ensure you are not being scammed.

I highly recommend purchasing from the Rocket League store because while it may be more expensive, you can be confident you will get the black market decal. 

How much is Heatwave worth? Here’s a quick price guide.

If you purchase Heatwave directly via Rocket League’s store, the price differs based on which platform you buy the decal.

Unfortunately, the decal cannot be purchased on one platform and used on another, even though Rocket League is cross-platform. So fx, if you’ve bought Heatwave for the Xbox Series console, you can’t use it on PC or PlayStation and vice versa.

This content was first published on says the current price for the Heatwave black market decal is 2000 Rocket League credits, equivalent to around $20 on Steam PC, making it a pretty expensive item.

It did not state the price for the other platforms, but Pro MB Gaming puts the costs at 800 – 900 credits on Xbox, 400 – 500 on Playstation, and 450 – 750 credits on Nintendo Switch. 

If you decide to go with a different online seller, the real market value seems to range between $3.59 on the low end at Gamer Item Supply to $4.93 on Aoeh.

The prices may change and could be cheaper or more expensive on other sites, but the two I found seemed the most legit and best Rocket League Heatwave trading places.

Different Heatwave Designs

One of the best parts about customizing your car in Rocket Leauge is how you can have the same decal as someone else but have a different-looking car.

That way, you can create a unique painted version of your favorite cars that stands out in the arena.

You can use dozens of color combinations in conjunction with the Heatwave decal, but here are some ideas to help get your brain juices flowing. 

  • Dark Sky Blue and Bright Sky Blue: With this color combination, you use dark sky blue as your primary stationary color and bright sky blue as the animated flames. Nothing like dominating your foes while sporting icy fire. 
  • Dark Crimson and Light Crimson: If the icy fire is not your style, you may enjoy this rugged design, combining dark crimson with a light crimson accent color to terrify your foes during a match. 
  • Dark Red and White: You can never go wrong with a dark red primary for your Rocket League car, and combined with the white flame animation, it creates an impressive design. 
  • Dark Forest Green and Bright Forest Green: If you are a fan of greens and use Razor products most of the time, this color combination is perfect for you. You will win your Rocket League games in style by melding dark green with light green accents. 
  • Dark Purple and Pinkish Purple: If you prefer a more royal combination, this combination of dark purple and pinkish purple is perfect. The dark purple looks closer to black, which accents the pinkish purple for a stunning visual.

Here’s a video by YouTuber Edek showing some of the many possible combinations you can create with Heatwave:

But as I said, these are great inspirations. The coolest thing to do is create your unique look!


Heatwave is one of the most popular and stylish black-market decals you can get your hands on in Rocket League. The combination of that primary color and the real time animated flames make it one of the best items for your car.

While not the rarest decal (that honor goes to the White Hat Topper you can only get for reporting a gaming-breaking bug), it can be both challenging and expensive. Make sure to only buy from a good trading place like the ones mentioned in this article, and check out the seller’s reputation before pressing that purchase button.

With a bit of patience, though, and perhaps some real-world money, you can show it to all your friends and foes. Until next time, happy gaming! 


Why Is Heatwave So Important?

While Heatwave is technically not necessary, in a game where the visual design of your car is a way to show off to other players, Heatwave is one of the best decals to do this. So while having Heatwave will not increase your chances of winning Rocket League games, it is a great way to brag to people about how amazing your car looks. 

Should I Purchase Heatwave or Try to Get it Via Luck?

There is no yes or no to this question, as it depends on how badly you want the black market decal. If you are indifferent to getting your hands on this decal, you are probably better off simply trying to get it in a golden egg or golden pumpkin or the item shop when it shows up. 

Where Can I Purchase Heatwave Online?

If you decide to purchase Heatwave online, choose a well-known trading market to buy it from. They include,, and You can also find other users selling on different websites or via social media but be careful, as you could be scammed. 

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