How Much is RGX Vandal Valorant? [Skins Guide]


Did you miss out on the previous bundle of RGX skins Valorant released on Oct. 6th, 2021?

Luckily, Riot Games has released another set of new skins, the RGX 11z Pro 2 skin bundle. This new bundle of Valorant skins comes with a selection of gun and melee skins, alongside a selection of other skins to help your player shine as you gun down your opponents.

The most popular of the new Valorant skins is the Vandal. So how much is it?

The price for the RGX z pro Vandal weapon skin is 2175 Valorant Points (VP). In addition, each of the four level upgrades costs 10 Radianite Points (RP), i.e., 40 RP. Each of the three color variations costs 15 RP, i.e., 45 RP. So the total costs of a fully upgraded Vandal are 2175 VP and 85 RP.

If you bought it as part of the limited time bundle, you would have also saved some points. You can save some game points by being part of the daily offers from the Valorant store—more on this below.

Keep reading to learn about all the individual skins that come in the Valorant RGX Pro Z skin line collection, how much it is, and what new effects come with the skins!

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What All Comes in the RGX Pro Bundle?

I get it if you’re confused about the RGX Pro bundle. That’s because there have been two bundles released under this name.

The original RGX skins were released in October 2021, and the new Valorant RGX Z Pro bundle was in April 2022, combined with the Episode 4 (EP4), Act 3 update. The new skin bundle added new RGX z pro weapon skins, a player card, spray, and a second gun buddy.

The Vandal is part of the original bundle and has been available since the release of the original Z Pro skin line in 2021.

Below you can see the complete list of the RGX Z Pro collection.


  • Vandal
  • Frenzy
  • Stinger
  • Phantom
  • Guardian
  • Operator (EP4)
  • Classic (EP4)
  • Spectre (EP4)
  • Phantom (EP4)



  • Kill Banner (with sound effects)
  • Gunbuddy
  • Gunbuddy (EP4)
  • Player Card, Banner, Icon
  • Player Card, Banner, Icon (EP4)
  • Spray (Keyboard)
  • Spray (EP4)
  • Kill tracker

Check out the Valorant Fandom if you want a peek at what the skins, gun buddy, exclusive spray, and player card look like! 

Each skin also comes with colored lights that can be changed after you have upgraded the skin to a high enough level. Check out the list below to learn what these colors are. 

  • Standard: Blue, Green, Yellow, and White
  • Yellow Variant: Orange, Purple, Yellow, and Teal
  • Blue Variant: Purple, Blue, Yellow, and White
  • Red Variant: Orange, Red, White, and Purple

Prices for the RGX Pro Bundle

Now that you know what comes with the new RGX Pro bundle, it is time to look at the prices for all these beautiful items. 

Note: VP stands for Valorant Points and is the main currency used within Valorant.

  • Each weapon skin costs 2,175 VP
  • The Player Card costs 375 VP
  • Each melee skin costs 4,350 VP
  • The Spray will cost you 325 VP
  • Getting the Gunbuddy costs 475 VP

So, for all the skins this bundle comes with, it will cost you 8,700 VP, but only if you purchase the whole bundle. You can purchase each item separately, but it will cost you a lot more, and you do not get the butterfly knife skin for free.

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Upgrades to the RGX Pro Set

With each skin in this bundle, you can unlock different color variants and special effects, animation effects, a finisher, and a counter.

However, all of these upgrades require a certain amount of Radianite points. See the list below for the price for each upgrade. It will cost you 75 RP per skin to fully upgrade it.  

  • VFX: 10 RP
  • Animation: 10 RP
  • Finisher: 10 RP
  • Counter: 10 RP
  • Color Variant Red: 15 RP
  • Color Variant Blue: 15 RP
  • Color Variant Yellow: 15 RP

But what comes with each of those upgrades? Refer to the list in the Prices section for the color variants, and check the explanations below for each of the other upgrades. 


The first upgrade you get when you upgrade an RGX skin equipped with a gun is a change in the VFX. With this new model, colored lights within the gun turn on, and you can also see moving parts inside.

The gun will also have a new muzzle flash and gunfire SFX & VFX. 


The second upgrade, Level 3, combines new animations and SFX. With this upgrade, you get a new SFX when you reload, inspect, and equip the weapon. Inspecting your weapon will also change the gun’s light color. 

You also get hit markers and bullet tracers that match the current color of your gun’s lights. Finally, you get the new gunfire animations, which cause the inner parts to rotate faster when you fire the gun. 


The third upgrade, Level 4, includes a new SFX for kills and a new Kill Banner. For the final kill, a new kill finisher animation will play. The animation shows the person between three electric pillars and then explodes, leaving nothing but a holographic silhouette of where they were. 


The final upgrade, Level 5, is a kill counter, a new VFX for the gun, which shows a kill counter that tracks all the kills you have made within that game. It is separate from the usual lifetime kill counter and can be a great way of tracking how well you are doing that round. 


Valorant is an FPS game that has quickly become a huge success, and the RGX Z Pro skin bundle looks great.

There are other popular skins for the Vandal, such as the Prime Vandal, Elderflame Vandal, Winter Wunderland, and Reaver Vandal.

Though there’s no best skin, many Valorant players find the skin in the RGX bundle looks nice. I agree!

Now you know how much the RGX Vandal skin in Valorant is, alongside the prices of everything else you can get within the bundle.

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Until next time, happy gaming!


Here are some answers to more frequently asked questions about Valorant Vandal skins

What are the different types of skins you can get for Vandal?

Besides the default Vandal skins, several other types are available for Vandal. They are (listed after the price bracket and alphabetically):

  • Select Vandal Skins. Price: 875 VP.
    • Endeavour
    • Luxe
    • Prism II
    • Sensation
  • Deluxe Vandal Skins. Price: 1275 VP.
    • Aristocrat
    • Avalanche
    • Horizon
    • Nunca Olvidados
    • Sakura
    • Silvanus
    • Team Ace
    • Titanmail
    • Wasteland
    • Winter Wunderland
  • Premium Skins. Price: 1775 VP.
    • Ego
    • Forsaken
    • Gaia’s Vengeance
    • Neptune
    • Origin
    • Prime
    • Tethered Realms
    • Reaver
    • Valorant Go! Vol. 2
  • Exclusive Skins. Price: 2175 VP.
    • Glitchpop
    • Prelude to Chaos
    • RGX 11z Pro
    • Sentinels of Light
    • Champions 2021 (also exclusive) cost 2675 VP

Besides these skins, some skins have only been available through Battle Pass. These skins are:

  • Cavalier (Formation: Act 2, Level 25)
  • Depths (Formation: Act 3, Level 45)
  • DOT EXE (Ignition: Act 1, Level 45)
  • Hivemind (Ignition: Act 2, Level 20)
  • Ruin (Ignition: Act 3, Level 45)
  • K/TAC (Reflection: Act 1, Level 25)
  • Nitro (Reflection: Act 2, Level 35)
  • Schema (Disruption: Act 1, Level 45)
  • Lycan’s Bane (Disruption: Act 2, Level 25)
  • .SYS (Disruption: Act 3, Level 45)

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