How To Appear Offline In League Of Legends (2022)


While playing with friends on League of Legends is one of the best aspects of the game, sometimes you just want to play alone.

It doesn’t mean you don’t like your friends, but everyone needs some time away from friends from time to time.

Luckily for you, appearing offline in League of Legends is easy, and I will give you step-by-step instructions!

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Using The Command Prompt Method To Change Your Online Status

The best way to appear offline in League of Legends is the command prompt on Windows to block the chat server’s IP address via the Windows firewall. This way, you won’t show up in the LoL chat client.

Notice that IP-address for the game chat servers differ where you’re living in the world. Also, notice that Riot games change the IP addresses of the League chat servers from time to time.

I’ll include a list of all the IP addresses at the time of writing below. I’ll also explain how to extract the IP using the command prompt.

Now, while it can seem scary to use the command prompt, it is easy, and we will walk you through it step-by-step. So, take a deep breath, grab a cup of water if needed, and let’s get started!

  1. Navigate to the command prompt on your Windows start menu (or type CMD in the search bar)
  2. Right-click to open and choose “run as administrator” to enter admin mode
  3. Copy the following command and paste it into the command prompt: netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=”lolchat” dir=out remoteip=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX protocol=TCP action=block
  4. Exchange the XXXs with the IP address of your server found below
how to appear offline firewall trick League of Legends chat servers

Fx, If you live in North America, copy the following text and hit enter: netsh advfirewall firewall add rule name=”lolchat” dir=out remoteip= protocol=TCP action=block

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List of current riot’s chat servers

To find the IP address of the specific chat server of your region, do this:

  1. Open the Windows Command Prompt
  2. Type Ping and the name of the DNS server of the LoL chat server of your region

Fx, if you live in the US, the chat server DNS is So you simply type Ping to get the correct IP address.

how to ping League of Legends chat servers

Here’s the list of all the DNS chat LoL servers, including the region names for each Riot games server.

Server RegionAbbreviationChat Server DNS nameIP Address
BrazilBR (BR1)
Europe Nordic & EastEUNE (EUN1)
Europe WestEUW (EUW1)
JapanJP (JP1)
Latin America NorthLAN (LA1)
Latin America SouthLAS (LA2)
North AmericaNA (NA1)
OceaniaOCE (OCE/OC1)
RussiaRU (RU1)
TurkeyTR (TR1)

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How to reappear online in LoL

When you are finally ready to appear online on your Friends List again, follow the simple steps below. 

  1. Navigate to the command prompt once again
  2. Right-click to open in Admin mode
  3. Copy the following text and hit enter: netsh advfirewall firewall delete rule name= “lolchat”

This will delete the rule name that made you appear offline and allow you to contact your friends in the Riot client again.

how to appear online in League of Legends

If you run into any problems, ensure you run the command prompt as an Admin, and the correct text was copied and pasted.

Suppose you’re not a fan of the first method or find the above steps too complicated. In that case, there’s also the option of using a third-party program to help you go into undercover invisible mode and disappear from the screens of your annoying friends.

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The Third-Party Software Method

The second method to appear offline when playing League of Legends is using a third-party application like Deceive software.

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The best part is that using Deceive is an official way to appear offline – it is legal and safe, and Riot allows using it with the League client. Using it is extremely easy and only takes several steps to set up. 

  1. Download Deceive from the official GitHub page
  2. Launch League of Legends via the Deceive client
  3. Always right-click Deceive to launch it in Admin

You will appear offline on your friends’ list and can use League of Legends exactly as you would when appearing online. You can tell if Deceive was properly set up if it appears at the top of your friends’ list. 

The use of Deceive isn’t foolproof, though. Deceive occasionally runs into problems, so using the first method above is recommended.

Making Use of the Away Status

The final method you can technically use to appear “offline” is the Away status on the LoL client.

While this does not prevent your friends’ list from seeing you queue up or play matches, you can move about the client while appearing busy elsewhere.

Remember, if you decide to use the Away Status, your friends’ list can see when you play games. 

How to Enable the Away Status:

  1. Open your League of Legends client
  2. Click the green dot next to your profile picture in the top right corner
  3. It will then turn red, showing that you are “Away.”

Main Reasons Someone Would Want To Appear Offline

So, why would someone want to appear offline on League of Legends? Isn’t the whole point of the game to play with friends to crush your opponents? Yes, but there are many reasons to use offline mode in League of Legends and enjoy your peaceful alone time.

Low-Leveled Players

For us low ELO players, there are a few reasons why we may want to appear offline to avoid playing with our Friends List. 

  • You are supposed to be working on a project, either school or work-related, and instead of being productive, you want to queue up for a match. 
  • The risk of confrontation when you tell your usual support you want to play with someone as your support. 
  • You keep getting spammed with messages in the PVP chat or invites from friends and foes, and all you want to do is enjoy a game on your own. 
  • Sometimes, it is nice to do with someone you are not friends with, but it can be difficult to say no. 

So, no matter your reason, the offline mode can save you from many uncomfortable situations and potential confrontations. 

High-Leveled Players

When it comes to high ELO players, the main reason why they may want to appear offline from their Friends List is to avoid sniper bans.

Many high-level players focus entirely on a single champion, which can get annoying if your champion is constantly banned. 


Like high-ELO players, streamers have to worry about being stream-sniped by players on their Friends List.

While most streamers will use a stream delay to prevent viewers from sniping streams, players on their friend list do not have such a delay.

So if you are a streamer, you should use offline mode to prevent yourself from being stream sniped.

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While League of Legends is a social game, sometimes we just need a little time to enjoy a few games alone and not get disturbed by friends’ messages.

Sure League of Legends is an excellent multiplayer game, but the offline mode is perfect for those days you don’t want to be up until 5 AM playing matches.

I hope this article has helped you! GLHF!

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