How To Farm Bosses In Borderlands 3


Borderlands 3 has been out for quite some time now, but it’s still considered to be a top-tier co-op experience. This is a great game that you can play with many friends at once.

You might want to farm legendary weapons by fighting certain bosses over and over again. This is a good idea, but it’ll be wise to learn how to do it efficiently.

In this guide to Borderlands 3 on how to farm bosses, I’ll walk you through some of the best bosses to farm and what loot you can expect from each.

You can also see the drop rate of unique legendary items. This will ensure that you’ll be able to hunt for legendary drops.

Keep reading and see how to farm bosses in Borderlands 3 for the best drops.

Bosses Respawn in Borderlands 3

In some story-driven video games, you’ll only be allowed to fight bosses one time. After you defeat them, it’s never going to be possible to fight them again.

Luckily, this isn’t the case in Borderlands 3. This game makes it simple to fight bosses over and over again. 

You can do this to try to get the best guns that they’re capable of dropping. Bosses can drop all sorts of legendary loot, and there’s usually a specific unique legendary weapon that you’ll want to hunt down.

You can simply do the mission over again and go hunt the boss whenever you want to. Of course, there will be better ways to go about doing this to save yourself some time. 

The Best Way to Farm Bosses in Borderlands 3

Farming bosses in Borderlands 3 will be simple no matter what approach you take. If you want to, you can just defeat the boss each time and take your loot.

After gathering the loot, you’ll be able to start again from the beginning. The problem with this method is that it’s a bit time-consuming.

It requires you to go through the area fighting all of the minions before you get to the boss. That can take time, and it makes it less convenient to farm the boss.

When you’re looking for a specific weapon drop, it’s better to quicksave before you fight the boss. This game has a checkpoint before each boss fight, and you can use that to your advantage. 

Defeat the boss, and see if it dropped the loot that you want. If luck wasn’t on your side this time, you can go to the menu, save the game, and quit.

Jump back into the game and you’ll be at the checkpoint right before the boss. You can defeat the boss again and see if you get lucky and procure the legendary item this time. 

This is the method for farming bosses in Borderlands 3 that most people stick to. It’s easy, and it allows you to just keep defeating the boss until you get the drop that you want.

If you get something that you want, then you should save it after picking up the loot. You can still keep farming the boss, but you’ll have to get to the boss again by going through from the start of the mission. 

Which Bosses Are the Best to Farm?

You know how to farm bosses in this game, but you might not know which bosses are worth farming yet.

A lot of bosses are good to farm since you can always use more loot. Even if you don’t need the stuff, it’ll be easy to sell it.

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Of course, there are some bosses that drop the best stuff, and you’ll want to focus on them. 

Below, you’ll learn about some of the best bosses to farm in Borderlands 3. This should make it easy to focus on getting the best weapons that drop from bosses.

You’ll learn a little bit about each of the bosses. As long as you’re using the advice above, the farming process will go smoothly. 


This boss is actually part of the fourth DLC for Borderlands 3. You can get the DLC easily these days, and this is one of the most popular bosses to farm for loot.

Defeating Psychoreaver isn’t necessarily easy. It’s something that you will be able to do reliably if you’re at a high enough level, though. 

Defeat Psychoreaver, and you will be rewarded with so much loot. Defeating this boss allows you to enter “Vaulthalla.”

This is a vault that is filled to the brim with treasure chests. There are also bonus rooms that you can enter if you can solve the puzzles. 

Entering the bonus room is as simple as finding buttons that you can shoot outside the boss room. There are more buttons in the bonus room that can open the second bonus room.

Farming at this location will be lucrative and you will get so many legendary weapons. You can deck your character out with great gear if you spend a bit of time farming the Psychoreaver encounter. 


Graveward is a great boss to farm because it’s so easy to do. You can spawn right at the boss arena and start fighting.

This boss encounter is located on Eden 6, and it won’t take you long to win the fight. Characters with sufficient levels can destroy this boss in a matter of seconds. 

Once this boss goes down, it’ll drop between eight and nine legendaries. It also has the chance to drop a lob shotgun that will be very good to add to your repertoire.

Behind this particular boss, there is a hidden vault that has multiple chests, and all of them have the chance to contain legendary items.


Killavolt is a great boss to farm from the base game of Borderlands 3. It’s worth your time to farm this boss since it can drop some of the best weapons in the game.

For example, you can obtain the Monarch weapon by continually defeating this boss. There are many other amazing weapons that you can get as well. 

You can farm Killavolt using the standard methods that you learned about earlier. It’s also possible to kill yourself after the encounter to spawn outside the boss room.

This makes Killavolt reappear, and it can be useful if you don’t wish to exit the game. You should spend some time farming this boss at least until you get the Monarch. 


Freddie is a traitor boss that is part of the first DLC for Borderlands 3.

It’s a very easy boss to farm because you just need to teleport and come back to respawn him. Defeating him is going to cause all sorts of legendary items to drop.

Some of the drops will be dedicated to the DLC, but he will also drop legendary items from the base game. 

It doesn’t take a long time to farm this boss encounter. You can go in, defeat Freddie, grab the loot, and teleport out.

Everything can be done in just a few minutes if you don’t waste time. You should be able to procure some great legendary loot by spending an hour farming the Freddie boss encounter. 

Eista The Invincible

Eista The Invincible is another DLC boss. This one comes from the second DLC, and it’s an easy boss encounter to farm.

This is a great farming opportunity because you’ll be able to finish this boss off in a short fashion. He goes down fast once you get used to the fight. 

Like all of the other bosses being presented here, Eista is going to drop legendary loot. You should be able to get lots of guns and other items such as shields and grenades.

If you get bored of farming some of the bosses above, then give this boss a shot. You’ll get new gear that will surely be useful to you. 

Tom and Xam

Tom and Xam are some of the best bosses to farm from the second DLC in Borderlands 3. There’s even a nifty trick that will allow you to keep farming them indefinitely without needing to reload.

Killing one of the bosses will allow you to collect some loot, and then you can travel out of the boss arena. Go back into the boss arena and you will see that both bosses are there. 

One strategy is to just keep alternating which one you kill. This allows you to see the drops from both enemies.

You can keep defeating either Tom or Xam to get excellent legendary loot. You can get lots of different weapons from this.

There’s a chance that you’ll get some of the best guns in the game if you spend enough time farming these bosses. 

For many, this will be the best boss encounter area to farm. It’s simple to do and you don’t even have to quit the game to keep farming.

It’s simple and the loot is always going to be worthwhile. Give this a shot so long as you have access to the DLC. 


The Warden boss encounter can seem a bit annoying to farm at first. You can’t stun this boss, and he is very aggressive.

It isn’t that hard once you know what to do, though. Just keep your distance and pile on the damage whenever you get the opportunity. 

It’ll take a while to finish this boss off, but it’ll be worth your time due to the weapons that he drops. You can get a fantastic rocket launcher called The Freeman.

It allows you to guide your own missiles. There’s also the Plaguebearer that can shoot multiple projectiles at enemies. 


Gigamind is a boss from the main game that you can easily farm. This is a weak boss that you’ll be able to kill without much effort.

Despite being a weakling, the boss drops some fantastic gear. To easily defeat this boss, focus on taking down the drones and defenses to win the fight. 

You can get some good gear early on from this fight. It’s easy enough to win the fight even if you just use brute force.

Shock weapons are helpful here since they take down the shields faster. You won’t have a tough time with this one. 


Mouthpiece is a very early boss, but he’s still good to farm. As only the second boss in the game, he’s going to go down very easily if you are leveled up.

Taking the boss down will be simple enough. If you start farming this boss early in the game, you’ll get some great weapons that will help you throughout the rest of your journey. 

Specifically, the Mind-Killer shotgun is a great gun that allows you to react fast. It doesn’t have a charge time and it’s highly accurate. He also drops The Nemesis Pistol which is amazing for taking down enemy shields. You’ll want to get these weapons as early as you can. 

Captain Traunt

Captain Traunt is nice and simple to take down. Just stay on the inside and keep dealing damage to him.

The generator on his back is a big target, and it’ll be especially vulnerable to shock weapons. Finish this boss off and claim lots of legendary loot. 

There are a few drops that you will want to get from Captain Traunt. He can drop the Kaoson SMG as well as the Tankman’s Shield sniper rifle.

Both weapons are stellar, and it’s recommended to add both of them to your collection. It won’t take a lot of effort, and you’ll find the weapons to be useful. 


Farming the Aurelia boss fight is excellent for those who want to get a good shield. Shields might not seem like the most entertaining loot to find, but this one will be useful to you.

You can obtain the Frozen Heart shield. This shield explodes when it breaks and freezes nearby enemies. It can turn things around in a pinch. 

You’ll also be able to get Juliet’s Dazzle. This is a gun that has bullets that can pass through many enemies at once. It allows you to take out groups of enemies with well-placed shots.

It’s a fun gun to play around with, and adding it to your inventory will be as simple as farming Aurelia until she drops it. 

Tyreen Calypso

Tyreen Calypso is the final boss of the normal Borderlands 3 experience.

As such, it’s going to drop really good loot. This is going to give you an opportunity to get some of the best weapons in the game.

There are many potential drops, and fighting this boss isn’t that tough despite its final boss status. 

You can get The King’s Call and The Queen’s Call. These are pistols that deal massive damage only when you land a critical hit.

They aren’t the best guns, but they are neat. It’s worth taking the time to grab these unique legendary guns.

In closing

I hope you found this guide on how to farm bosses in Borderlands 3 helpful.

Take out some of these bosses to get some amazing loot fast. And good luck out there.

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