How to Get an S Rank in League of Legends


There are few things more sought after in League of Legends than the coveted S Rank on a champion.

Getting that S rank shows that you played almost perfectly with your chosen champion, and you can get the necessary champion shards to take your Mastery 6 champion to a Mastery 7. 

But how do you get an S Rank, especially since it seems almost impossible to get one?

Keep reading below to see the most important things that go into climbing up through the Riot Games ranking system and getting an S rank!

Focusing on these steps is the “easiest way” to achieve the S score in League of Legends. But you still have to work for it!

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1. Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks

When you start in the lower leagues, everyone plays nearly as terribly as you (or worse if you are a Yasuo because you never int).

But once you begin climbing up those ranks, players get much better at farming and not dying.

Thus, you must learn how to work with your team, don’t make risky plays that could lead to your death, and don’t try to get a kill that puts you at risk of death.

Focus on making plays with your team when the odds are in your favor, and you will be well on your way to earning an S rank on your champion.

Always remember that LoL is a team game. Don’t try to be a one-man army. If you are a team player, you’ll increase your chances of getting the S rank faster.

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2. Focus on a Single Champion 

Yes, I get it; there are tons of cool champions to play in League of Legends, and playing the same one over and over can get boring.

However, you will be hard-pressed to get an S grade if you constantly switch between the different champions you play. 

Being a jack of all trades is not very useful in LoL.

So instead, choose a favorite champion you enjoy playing and focus solely on them.

Learn their ins and outs, how they function, how to min-max them, and earn that mastery.

3. K/D/A Ratio

First up is your Kill / Death / Assist ratio or KDA, which is essentially the number of kills + assists divided by how many times you have died.

It is one of the most important stats to focus on when you play mid.

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However, you want to keep your deaths to a minimum, as it doesn’t matter if you got a lot of kills if you also died a dozen times to get them.

So always keep an eye on the kill-to-death ratio and make sure to pile up a large number of kills.

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4. Vision Score

Next is vision score, one of the most important stats to consider when you play as support

The following different factors calculate the vision score:

  • The number of times you purchase a control ward;
  • Each time you place regular vision wards;
  • Number of times the enemy team reveals your wards;
  • When you deny the enemy team’s vision by destroying their wards.

Getting a high vision score is the fastest way to climb the ranked ladder as support.

5. Kill Participation

While KDA is important when achieving an S grade, kill participation is equally important for support, mid, and junglers

It measures how many kills you have participated in, regardless of whether you made the kill happen or dealt the final blow.

So don’t neglect the support role, as it’s just as important as the kills themselves when you want to get a higher grade and ascend the League of Legends ranks ladder.

6. Creep Score, aka Minion Kills

Minions originally called creep in the olden days of the game, are one of the most basic and important parts of League of Legends. 

Getting the final kill on a minion, also called farming, grants you additional gold and adds +1 to your total creep score. 

A higher creep score is most useful for Top, Bot, and Mid laners, as they will spend the most time killing minions.

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7. Hold Objectives

When playing League of Legends, you can get multiple objectives, split between the enemy and neutral objectives. 

Neutral objectives refer to drakes, Baron Nashor, and the Rift Herald.

Enemy objectives refer to towers and the enemy nexus. 

All champions can get either type of objective, but neutral objectives are most important as a jungler, while enemy objectives like turrets are most important for the laners

8. Deal Enough Damage to Enemy Champions

Another important stat to keep an eye on when you play an offensive role in League of Legends is how much damage you are dealing to enemy champions and how much damage you are taking. 

This goes hand in hand with your KDA ratio and kills participation score.

If you want to see your damage taken and received, it will be on the graph at the end of each game. 

9. The Game’s Length Affects S Rank

Now, besides all the different metrics that go into deciding whether or not you get an S grade at the end of a game, how long the game takes also makes a big difference. 

The longer a game goes on, the easier it becomes to achieve an S rank, but simultaneously, it becomes more difficult.

Getting enough points in a game that lasts less than 20 minutes to earn an S rank on your champion is almost impossible. 

Even if you go 10/0/10 with perfect CS and destroy all the enemy objectives, you are not guaranteed an S rank.

So, when you are going for it, you want the game to last longer than 20 minutes, but keep in mind that it does open up the possibility for you to die more and your score to go down. 

It is a double-edged blade, so don’t play Yasuo, and focus on dealing damage, farming, participating in kills, and avoiding death, and you will find it much easier to get S ranks.

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How to Use All of This to Achieve An S Grade

So, now you know everything necessary to achieve an S grade but knowing is only half the battle. What can you do to increase your chances, and what should you focus on the most? 

I hate to break it to you, but all of it. In the end, it’s your overall performance that counts. That said, you still need to hone in on the focus points above to get there.

If you do not focus on all of it, you will have difficulty achieving an S rank on any of your champions. Everything has to be mixed perfectly; even then, it is not guaranteed. 

You will need to spend a lot of time practicing setting up wards and destroying enemy wards, destroying turrets, working with your team to kill enemies, farming like a god, and dealing damage while mitigating the damage you take. 

Eventually, it will become muscle memory for you, and you will earn S ranks much more often than you did originally. Remember, everything takes practice, and this is no different. 


League of Legends is one of the most competitive MOBA games. So naturally, League of Legends players are eager to achieve a higher rank.

Nothing quite gives you the bragging rights like achieving the highest grade possible: the coveted S ranking! Rank S sets any LoL player apart from the average player.

While achieving an S rank in League of Legends seems like a difficult process, you will earn S grades over time if you practice and focus on improving. And hopefully, this article has given you insight into what to focus on. The practice is up to you!

If you enjoyed this article and found it helpful, check out some of my other articles, like this one on how to activate XP boosts in League of Legends. Until next time, happy gaming!


What is the Point of S Rank Tokens?

The point of S rank mastery tokens is they are necessary to level up your champions from Mastery Level 6 to Mastery Level 7. It will take three precious tokens plus 1 [champion] shard, 1 [champion] permanent, or 2950 blue essence.

So as you can see, it will take some time to get that high rank of Mastery 7. There’s no shortcut to beating the champion mastery system.

What Should I Focus On First To Get S Rank?

While it is important to focus on everything when striving for S rank, if you are a jungler, you should focus on objectives and kill participation; for laners, focus on your creep score and KDA, and support should focus on kill participation and vision score. 

Is There a Fast Way to Achieve S Rank?

Unless you pay someone to play the game for you no, there is no fast way to achieve an S rank in League of Legends because it depends on many factors.

Does My Chosen Role Play a Part?

Yes, the role you choose plays a part in how easy or difficult it is to achieve an S rank because the things you have to focus on differ depending on your role.

For instance, low CS is important as a support, while high kill participation is key.

Likewise, for laners, you want a high cs and KDA and deal a lot of damage to opposing champions. 

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