How to Get Cars in Rocket League [Quick Guide to Each Car]


Have you been playing Rocket League for some time and want to know how to unlock each car?

Or maybe you’re a new Rocket League player who has never touched this amazing online game and would like an idea of the available cars.

Regardless of your reason for wanting to know how to get each car in Rocket League, I will break them down by their rarity, the best rocket league, and a bit about their hitboxes.

Buckle in because you are about to go from noob to pro, at least when it comes to knowing how to unlock Rocket League cars. 

What are Rocket League Car Rarities?

Before jumping into how to unlock the cars from each rarity, it is important to understand the differences in rarities, especially if you are a new player.

It helps you know which cars you should work towards and which are best and will help you crush the competition in your matches. 

  • Common: Common cars are the default cars in Rocket League and can be unlocked easily with few requirements. Most of the cars in the common rarity are automatically unlocked when you first begin playing or only require a few matches to unlock. For this reason, these are also the most used cars in Rocket League.
  • Import: Import is the second tier of rarity and includes car bodies that are no longer available in the game but can still be occasionally acquired via random blueprints if you do not wish to trade or purchase them.
  • Limited: Limited cars are only available to be acquired quickly and often have particular requirements. Outside of trading, you can not acquire them after the period passes.
  • Exclusive: Exclusive cars are only available on certain platforms, and you can not use them on a different platform. Read more about crossplay in Rocket League here
  • Exotic: Several cars in Rocket League have the Exotic rarity and can be acquired through the item shop for a certain period, after which you can get them via trading.
  • Premium: Premium cars come from other media outside of Rocket League, though some DLCs are unavailable to download and can no longer be acquired.

Understanding Rocket League Car Hitboxes

In Rocket League, each car fits within one of six hitboxes, but what is a hitbox?

Simply put, a hitbox is a collection of invisible lines surrounding your car and deciding the “true” size of the model.

These lines create a box around your car and are what the game uses to detect collisions with other cars, the walls of the arena, and the ball. 

The best hitboxes are those that closely resemble the actual shape of the car, which allows you to hit the ball better. A large hitbox that doesn’t match the car makes ball handling more difficult and can cause unexpected collisions.

In Rocket League, the most popular hitbox style is the Octane hitbox which is most often used by pro players, with the Plank hitbox coming in as the second fan-favorite.

In other words, the best Rocket League cars are those with hitboxes that match the chassis of the car. This allows for easy handling of the ball, making it easier to pull off trick shots such as air dribbles.

Rocket League Car Hitboxes:

  • Dominus Hitbox
  • Breakout Hitbox
  • Octane Hitbox
  • Plank Hitbox
  • Merc Hitbox
  • Hybrid Hitbox

Unlocking Each Type of Car 

Now that you know about Rocket League car rarities and hitboxes, it is time to look at how to unlock each car in the game.

Below is a full list of cars available in the Rocket League lineup, including info on how to unlock them and their hitboxes.


First up is the common cars, which are either automatically unlocked when you first start playing the game or can be acquired after completing several matches. Some common cars require to complete New Driver Challenges to unlock them. 

Car NameHow to UnlockHitbox
BackfireNew Driver ChallengesOctane
BreakoutGiven at StartBreakout
DominusNew Driver ChallengesDominus
GizmoNew Driver ChallengesOctane
HotshotNew Driver ChallengesDominus
MercGiven at StartMerc
OctaneGiven at StartOctane
PaladinNew Driver ChallengesPlank
Road HogNew Driver ChallengesOctane
VenomNew Driver ChallengesHybrid
X-DevilNew Driver ChallengesHybrid


Next up are Import cars, which can be obtained via blueprints or by trading with other players. Blueprints are acquired after a match and can be used to unlock a car once you have gathered all of the blueprint parts. 

You should note that the Road Hog XL, Breakout Type-S, and the Octane ZSR are special variants of the originals and thus have the same physics, turning radius, and hitboxes.

Car NameHow to UnlockHitbox
Animus GPBlueprints or TradingBreakout
Breakout Type-SBlueprints or TradingBreakout
Centio V17Blueprints or TradingPlank
CycloneBlueprints or TradingBreakout
DiestroBlueprints or TradingDominus
DingoBlueprints or TradingOctane
Dominus GTBlueprints or TradingDominus
EndoBlueprints or TradingHybrid
FennecBlueprints or TradingOctane
Imperator DT5Blueprints or TradingDominus
Jager 619 RSBlueprints or TradingHybrid
MantisBlueprints or TradingPlank
NimbusBlueprints or TradingHybrid
Octane ZSRBlueprints or TradingOctane
Peregrine TTBlueprints or TradingDominus
Road Hog XLBlueprints or TradingOctane
SamuraiBlueprints or TradingBreakout
SentinelBlueprints or TradingPlank
Takumi RX-TBlueprints or TradingOctane
TwinzerBlueprints or TradingOctane
TygrisBlueprints or TradingHybrid
WerewolfBlueprints or TradingDominus
X-Devil MK2Blueprints or TradingHybrid
InsidioBlueprints or TradingHybrid
Ecto-1Blueprints or TradingDominus

Very Rare

Very rare cars can be acquired via drops which Rocket League gives you for completing challenges or reaching a certain tier in the free track of the season pass. 

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Car NameHow to UnlockHitbox


Limited cars can only be obtained during certain events, and are either no longer available, or can be traded with other players. 

Car NameHow to UnlockHitbox
Battle-Bus (Llama-Rama)Trading (Initially unlocked via the Llama-Rama event in 2020)Merc
Nemesis (Twitch Prime)Linking a Twitch Prime accountDominus

Rocket Pass Cars

Rocket Pass cars are a type of Limited cars as they can only be acquired via trading now but were originally acquired via the Rocket League season pass. 

Note: Rocket Pass 1 and Season 1 Rocket Pass are different, as, after Rocket Pass 6, the developers changed the naming system. 

Car NameSeason PassHow to UnlockHitbox
MaverickRocket Pass 1TradingDominus
Maverick G1Rocket Pass 1TradingDominus
Maverick GXTRocket Pass 1TradingDominus
ArtemisRocket Pass 2TradingPlank
Artemis G1Rocket Pass 2TradingPlank
Artemis GXTRocket Pass 2TradingPlank
GuardianRocket Pass 3TradingDominus
Guardian G1Rocket Pass 3TradingDominus
Guardian GXTRocket Pass 3TradingDominus
MudcatRocket Pass 4TradingOctane
Mudcat G1Rocket Pass 4TradingOctane
Mudcat GXTRocket Pass 4TradingOctane
ChikaraRocket Pass 5TradingDominus
Chikara G1Rocket Pass 5TradingDominus
Chikara GXTRocket Pass 5TradingDominus
RoninRocket Pass 6TradingDominus
Ronin G1Rocket Pass 6TradingDominus
Ronin GXTRocket Pass 6TradingDominus
Harbinger Season 1 Rocket PassTradingOctane
Harbinger GXTSeason 1 Rocket PassTradingOctane
R3MXSeason 2 Rocket PassTradingHybrid
R3MX GXTSeason 2 Rocket PassTradingHybrid
TyrannoSeason 3 Rocket PassTradingDominus
Tyranno GXTSeason 3 Rocket PassTradingDominus
Outlaw Season 4 Rocket PassTradingOctane
Outlaw GXTSeason 4 Rocket PassTradingOctane
NexusSeason 5 Rocket PassTradingBreakout
Nexus SCSeason 5 Rocket PassTradingBreakout
NomadSeason 6 Rocket PassTradingMerc
Nomad-GTXSeason 6 Rocket PassTradingMerc
MaestroSeason 7 Rocket PassTradingDominus
Honda Civic Type RSeason 8 Rocket PassTradingOctane
Honda Civic Type R-LESeason 8 Rocket PassTradingOctane


Next up are the six platform-exclusive vehicles, each of which have a different requirement to unlock them. While they are exclusive to certain platforms, they are considered to be a common rarity. 

Car NameHow to UnlockHitboxPlatform
ArmadilloComplete a season of Rocket League Single PlayerOctaneXbox
HogstickerPlaying one game with each common car bodyOctaneXbox
Mario NSRDefault for Nintendo SwitchOctaneNintendo Switch
Luigi NSRDefault for Nintendo SwitchOctaneNintendo Switch
Samus’ GunshipPlay several matches on Nintendo SwitchDominusNintendo Switch
Sweet ToothPlay one game with each common car bodyOctanePS4


Currently there is one Exotic car available, and it can be unlocked via blueprints just like Import cars.

Car NameHow to UnlockHitbox
KomodoBlueprints, Item ShopBreakout


Final on the list are the premium cars that are only available if you purchase the DLC they belong to from the item shop. Keep in mind some DLCs are unavailable, thus making the cars belonging to that DLC unattainable. 

Note: DLC packs can no longer be purchased, so you can only obtain the following cars via the rotating item shop. 

Car NameHow to UnlockHitbox
‘16 BatmobilePurchase from rotating item shopPlank
‘70 Dodge ChargerPurchase from rotating item shopDominus
‘89 BatmobilePurchase from rotating item shopDominus
‘99 Nissan Skyline GT-R R34Purchase from rotating item shopHybrid
Bone ShakerPurchase from rotating item shopOctane
DeLorean Time MachinePurchase from rotating item shopDominus
Ecto-1Purchase from rotating item shopDominus
Fast 4WDPurchase from rotating item shopOctane
Gazella GTPurchase from rotating item shopDominus
Ice ChargerPurchase from rotating item shopDominus
Jurassic Jeep WranglerPurchase from rotating item shopOctane
K.I.T.T.Purchase from rotating item shopDominus
McLaren 570SPurchase from rotating item shopDominus
MR11Purchase from rotating item shopDominus
The Dark Knight TumblerPurchase from rotating item shopOctane
Twin Mill IIIPurchase from rotating item shopPlank


Now that you know how to acquire each car in Rocket League, it is time to go and unlock as many as you can get your hands on!

While the best car is a personal preference and should fit your playing style, picking different cars with the Octane or Plank hitboxes is the easiest way to get better ball control on the soccer field for inexperienced players.

So I recommend new players to check this out.

After all, there’s a reason why the most popular car among professional players is the Rocket League Octane car.

This remains a popular choice for all rocket League fans – even pros playing in the hardcore competitive Rocket League ranks. But it’s also the perfect vehicle for newer players because of the ball control.

If you found this article helpful and enjoyed it, check out some of my other articles about Rocket League; fx this one about the cost of Heatwave in Rocket League. Until next time, happy gaming! 

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