How to Get Free CS GO Skins (The Safe Way)


I’ve been playing Counter Strike since it first evolved as a mod for Half-Life in 2000. Yep! I’m actually that old! A lot has happened since that early 1.6 version, but the game is still as popular as ever.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) is the latest iteration and has been a popular game for a very long time now. CS GO came out back in 2012, but people are still just as addicted to the game as ever.

If you’ve been playing the game and wish that you had more skins to use, then you might be wondering where you can go to get some for free. 

Below, I’ve written a guide on how to get free CS GO skins. Please notice, that it’s a cautionary guide and discussion of the pitfalls as well, because if you try to take too many shortcuts, it might put your computer or money at risk. And I don’t want that!

Hopefully, this will ensure that you’re able to look your best while you’re racking up victories in the game.

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What Are CS GO Skins (aka “finishes”)?

The concept of skins in video games won’t be anything new for most players. Certain games allow you to earn “skins” that will change the appearance of certain things in the game.

In the case of CS GO, the skins will be changing the appearance of your guns. Your guns won’t perform differently, but they will look flashier when you apply certain skins.

Skins were introduced to CS: GO in 2013 with the Arms Deal Update.

Here’s great video I found that sums up the history and controversy of skins in CSGO

Many players simply collect skins as “badges of honor.” It can be fun to show off an interesting skin to other players. These skins serve no purpose other than to show off that you earned them. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t cool, though. 

It should also be noted that some players don’t refer to them as skins. You might run across people calling them finishes.

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These are interchangeable terms that refer to the custom looks for the guns in the game. It’s possible to earn these skins or finishes for free in various ways.

Steam Workshop even has a guide on how to create your own.

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How to Get Free CS GO Skins

Earning free CS GO skins won’t be as hard as you might think. But there are several ways you can achieve them.

Below I’ve compiled a list of different ways.

As I said in the introduction, not all of these ways are created equally, and I advice you to use your brain. Don’t sacrifice your computer’s safety or your money to get a specific skin.

With that out of the way, let’s dive in.

1. Level up Each Week

Leveling up each week will allow you to earn a free skin in CS GO. This is truly the easiest – and safest – way to earn a skin without having to spend money or do anything dubious.

You can get a skin simply for playing the game as you normally would. Every week, you’re going to get a loot drop the first time you level up. 

Typically, the drop is going to contain skins. You will most often be getting skins that are considered to be low-tier, but they’re still free.

Every single week you’ll have a chance to earn new skins using this method. You should always be sure to log in and play enough to level up once each week. 

The only downside is that you won’t be earning the fanciest or coolest skins by doing this. Even so, it’s a good thing to do. You’re likely already earning skins this way if you like CS GO.

Keep playing with your friends and see what skins you will earn over time. 

2. Play on Official Servers Without Cheating

If you’ve been playing CS GO for a while, then you probably know that Valve wants to reward those who play the game the right way.

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You can earn chances at loot drops by playing the game on official servers without cheating.

You’ll need to play on the official servers and enable the Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) setting. This ensures that the game is being played with integrity. 

Earning random loot drops this way can be very rewarding.

If you’re going to play the game with your friends, then you should always play on official servers in this fashion. It gives you the extra chance of earning loot drops that could contain good skins.

You can earn all sorts of other things in the loot drops such as weapons and items as well. 

Most players say that they’re able to earn an average of four loot drops per week this way by playing normally on official servers. That could add up to you getting many different free skins.

This is a good legitimate way to get skins without having to do anything sketchy. It’s highly recommended to play the game on official servers with VAC enabled. 

3. Register on CS GO websites to get a free skin

There are various websites that you can register when playing the game on Steam.

These websites will allow you to get CS GO skins every so often for completing tasks in the game. This is not going to allow you to get skins very fast, but it is possible to earn skins without having to pay any money. 

There are other ways that you can go about earning free CS GO skins as well.

This will ensure that you can try them all out to see which methods suit you the best. Some might seem impractical to you, but others will be perfect. 

4. Trade with Friends

Trading with friends is a fantastic way to get cool skins easily.

You might have a friend who has been playing for longer than you have. This friend might have some very good skins that they will be willing to trade you out of kindness if they aren’t using them much any longer.

Many players have been able to start out with nice skins via the trading mechanic. 

Making trade offers will be very easy when playing on Steam. Just open the Steam app or website and sign into your account. From there, select the friend you wish to make a trade offer to and click “more” to look at their profile. Then you can make a trade offer and see if your friend accepts it or not. 

It’s easy to trade with other players that you’ve become friends with. You might have some skins that they will want that you can trade for something that you’ll like more. See if you can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement. You’ll be happy that you did. 

5. Earn Rewards From Loot Sites

One popular way to earn free skins in CS GO is to earn rewards from loot sites. There are websites that offer various rewards for completing tasks.

Some of them will be simple such as watching videos, but you might also have to take surveys. Certain sites will even allow you to earn skins by logging in with your Steam account right away. 

It should be noted that some of these loot sites are not safe to use. Some are legitimate and just offer rewards for taking surveys and doing other mundane tasks.

Others might be filled with malware or viruses. If you’d like to be on the safe side, then you should avoid going to these loot sites. You can install a browserguard such as Malwarebytes to warn you about unsafe sites.

It can be tempting to earn free CS GO skins without having to do anything difficult. However, at the end of the day, the risk isn’t going to be worth it.

You wouldn’t want to get a computer virus or have your personal information compromised. Be wary of such sites, but understand that some players do indeed earn free skins from loot sites. 

6. Bet on CS GO Using Betting Sites

Perhaps you’d like to gamble and see if you can score some really nice CS GO skins. In that case, you could try using betting sites to bet on eSports matches.

There are a lot of different sites out there that offer eSports betting. CS GO is a popular game in the eSports world and many sites offer daily rewards for signing up to bet on matches. 

You can collect daily rewards, allow the rewards to stack up, and then cash out to get the skin that you want. It sounds simple, but you have to remember that it’s gambling.

Nothing is guaranteed when you use a method such as this. It’s important to know that gambling is illegal unless you’re 18 years old or older. For younger players, this option shouldn’t even be considered.

If you’re of the right age, then you can try this if you want to.

Some popular YouTube content creators in the CS GO scene have been known to give out links where you can sign up and get bonuses. It might be worth looking into depending on your sensibilities. 

7. Winning Giveaways

Sometimes sites will run giveaways that you can sign up for. The idea behind this works the same as any other giveaway that you might find on the internet.

You’ll need to sign up for the giveaway and enter certain information such as your email address and name. If you win the contest, you’ll get an email stating that you won. 

There are quite a few sites out there that do giveaways for CS GO skins. It’s a pretty common giveaway prize, and you might get lucky and win if you sign up every so often.

As you’d expect, signing up for these giveaways might cause you to get some spam mail in your inbox. Many of the sites will be sending you newsletters, and some might even give your email address away to third-party affiliates. 

This is why many people shy away from giveaways. Of course, you could sign up for the giveaway using an email that isn’t important just to try to get the skin.

Never sign up for these giveaways using an email that you use for business or professional purposes. No one wants spam in their inboxes.

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Conclusion: which is the best ways to get free CS GO skins?

Now that you’ve learned about the options that are available to you, it’s time to consider which ones are the best to utilize.

Some of the options above might be great, but others might seem a bit less appealing.

The good ways of getting free CSGO skins

Playing the game and leveling up each week will always get you that free loot drop. You get a chance of getting skins, weapons, and items if you just play the game as intended.

This option ensures that you don’t need to worry about anything sketchy. 

If you play on official CS GO servers with VAC enabled, then you’ll be able to earn even more loot. Many players are able to easily earn an extra four loot drops each week.

This gives you a shot at getting some really cool skins if you’re willing to play the game the right way. If you love this game, then spending time playing it with your friends will be fun. 

Trading with your friends will also be an option. Sometimes your friends will earn skins that they won’t want, and they might be willing to trade them to you.

The greyzone

Giveaways are going to be easy enough to sign up for, too. You might get lucky and win some CS GO skins, but the chances aren’t very high.

Regardless, signing up for giveaways will generally cost you nothing. You just need to enter your email to sign up for most giveaways, but this can be a bit problematic when you’d rather avoid spam. 

It’s likely better to stick with tried and true methods that have gotten results for years.

The bad ways

Right away, it’s easy to see that using loot sites will be a dangerous proposition. It’s better to protect your computer and your data than it is to take a chance on earning some free CS GO skins.

Gambling on eSports will be too much of a risk as well. You could wind up just wasting your time on such endeavors, and it isn’t a method that those who are under 18 years old will be able to use anyway.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t choose to try it if you’re of the right age, though. Just understand that success isn’t guaranteed.

You can give up something that you don’t need any longer to get a skin that you’re actually interested in. It’s a win-win situation, and trading with friends will always be simple to do.

Use the recommended methods for earning free CS GO skins. Avoid the methods that are too risky unless you’re fully prepared for the risks.

You should be able to get some excellent skins without having to spend any cash. Keep enjoying the game and you’ll get some skins that you will enjoy.