How to Level Up Fast in League of Legends


Are you new to League of Legends? Or have you created a new account because your first three smurf accounts have become boring?

Regardless, you are here because you need a fast way to level up new champions fast in League of Legends.

And I’m here to help you get that quick XP, achieve a higher rank fast, and reduce the time you need to grind in the early game.

If you are new to the game or just an average player, who hasn’t played for a long time, you will find a short section below explaining the importance of leveling up quickly through the first levels. 

Experienced players can skip the next section or maybe check out how to get the coveted S Rank in League of Legends.

Why Do I Need to Level Up Fast?

There are several reasons why it is important to level up fast in League of Legends besides reducing the amount of time to grind.

Fx, you might want to catch up to your more experienced friends sitting high and mighty on their thrones of 100s of games. And what is the point of League of Legends if you cannot be a level 80 player in Iron?

But the main reason you want to spend less time leveling up and gain a lot of XP fast is that you can’t partake in ranked PvP matches till you reach Level 30.

To get your main champion ranking fast, the most important thing to understand is the difference between summoner level and summoner spells to get there fast.

The summoner level determines if you can access specific features of the game. As mentioned above, if you want to play Ranked, you must reach Summoner Level 30.

Summoner spells are useful abilities you can choose at the beginning of the game to give you a slight edge. Your summoner spells are limited based on your level, and you’re limited to only a small handful when starting out. But you unlock more and better spells as you level up.

Methods Of Leveling Up Quickly

Now that you know why you should level up quickly, it is time to delve into the methods and different game modes to grind that XP and get you to Level 30 as quickly as possible.

The method you choose will depend on if you want to spend real money or not or if you want to enjoy the long hours of grinding away at League of Legends.

So let’s look at some of the most efficient ways to utilize the game mechanics to your advantage and get to competitive play fast.

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1. Bully Beginner Bots to Defeat

Using the Beginner bots mode is the best way to grant you a huge amount of experience when you start leveling up in League of Legends. They are straightforward to beat, make for quick games, and give you a nice XP gain.

However, you must approach these games strategically unless you are practicing a new champion. 

Before Level 15, play normal games using the Beginner bots exclusively and use champions like Tristana and Caitlyn. Your goal is to end the game right around the 15-minute mark.

After 15 minutes of game time, you are no longer getting enough experience points to make it worth your time, which will cause the level-up process to take longer. 

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After Level 15, start playing against Intermediate and Advanced bots to make the most of the XP you can receive from them.

However, by the time you reach around Level 20, you should start playing games against real players, as League of Legends awards you less XP you receive from bots at this stage. The best value boost you get from bots you get between levels 1-9.

Bot XP Received:

  • Levels 1 – 9: 100%
  • Levels 10 – 19: 90%
  • Levels 20 – 29: 80% (65% after 180 minutes of daily playtime)
  • Levels 30+: 75% (55% after 180 minutes of daily playtime) 

2. Utilize Your Friends

Yes, we know. You are playing League of Legends and ranking up your 10th account because you have no friends. So we will wait while you go touch grass and make a friend.

Did you do that?

No? Grab your online friends with whom you have played League for the last six months. 

Now that you have your friend group assembled and ready to take on the noobs of League, settle in to grind away with them. By playing with your friends, you can all work together in bot games from Levels 1 – 20 to end them right at that sweet 15-minute mark. 

Once you have all hit level 20, you can go out into the wilds of Runeterra to crush the noobs who do not have chemistry with your team. 

3. Win, Win, Win

This one should be self-explanatory, but many League players must be reminded that their goal is to win all their games.

Now we get it. Your team’s Yasuo fed, and Master Yi was over there meditating to reach inner peace, but please, it wasn’t entirely their fault that the enemy team totally kicked your butt. 

Jokes aside, winning all your games is the fastest way to level up in League of Legends. You receive the most XP at the end of each match when you win your games.

You receive around 3X as much XP from a winning game as you do from a lost one. So you can see why winning as many of your games is so important when trying to level up quickly. 

If you are a newer player, you should primarily play bot and blind pick games to ensure your highest chance of leveling up quickly.

You will find more noobs in blind pick, and if you team up with some of your experienced friends, leveling up will be a breeze. 

4. Use Experience Boosts

Riot offers two kinds of Boost: XP and Win boosts.

However, Win boosts are extremely expensive, and you are better off using the XP boosts. By using XP boosts, you double the XP earned after EACH match creating duration boosts that last between 1 day and 30 days. 

On the other hand, win boosts only add 216 XP after a certain amount of wins. So you wind up paying a similar amount of RP but get a lot less bang for your buck. 

The cost for XP and Win boosts are included in the table below.

Boost TypeRP Cost
1 Day XP Boost290
3 Day XP Boost520
7 Day XP Boost1020
14 Day XP Boost1850
30 Day XP Boost3490
3 Wins Boost290
5 Wins Boost390
10 Wins Boost670
15 Wins Boost990
25 Wins Boost1590
40 Wins Boost2440

5. First Win of the Day Bonus

You should use the First Win of the Day bonus every day after hitting level 15. This bonus provides you with 400 bonus XP and 50 Blue Essence for your first matchmade win. What counts for matchmade wins?

Bot games, Ranked Games, Draft Pick, and Blind pick games all count for this daily bonus. 

So when you are working on leveling up quickly, you can enjoy 400 bonus Experience Points daily to help you along your way.

That is if you win your games, but you will, we have faith in you and your ability not to feed the bottom lane. I’m just kidding; you got this! 

If you’re confused about the difference between Riot Points (RP) and Blue Essence (BE), I recommend you read this article.

6. Purchase a League of Legends Account

Finally, another way to reach Level 30 is simply purchasing League Accounts from a safe and reputable company. Using this method, you usually get a leveled-up account, champions, and skins, and you do not have to spend any time grinding. 

However, we do not recommend buying champions of higher levels for new players. You’ll get crushed in every game when your skills don’t match your account level. So don’t waste your money.

At its core, League of Legends is to be enjoyed, and sometimes that means putting in the hours and grinding. 

It is up to you in the end, but if you are new to the game, you should heavily consider just putting in the hours to grind. 


It can be a long process to level up quickly in League of Legends, but if you follow the tips above, I’m certain you will find yourself hitting Level 30 faster than ever.

Enjoy the process, and good luck.

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