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Final Fantasy XIV by Square Enix is among the best MMORPGs ever made. It has such a dedicated fanbase and has certainly proven to be a worthy entry in the Final Fantasy series.

If you’ve just started playing FFXIV, then things like mining might seem a bit confusing.

So I’ve created this FFXIV mining guide to help you learn how to mine copper ore and many other mineral deposits and rocky outcrops in the game.

Let’s dig in and get some GIL.

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What is a miner in FFXIV?

A miner belongs to the gathering class (aka Disciples of the Land), similar to a botanist and fisher. Mining traits and botanist traits are similar.

Miners can mine a mineral deposit with a pick-ax (main hand) and a rocky outcrop with a sledgehammer (off-hand).

The raw materials are used by members of a crafting class (aka the Disciples of the Hand class), such as Blacksmiths, Armorer, and Goldsmiths to craft better gear and other high-quality items.

The miners’ guild is located in Ul’dah, which is no coincidence. The rich soil of the desert region of Thanalan just outside Ul’dah is enriched with multiple veins of high-quality ore.

How to become a miner in FFXIV

Here are the steps you need to complete to become a miner:

  1. Reach level 10 as a Disciple of War or Magic
  2. Complete the level 10 quest for your class
  3. Visit the Miners’ Guild in Ul’dah
  4. Speak to Linette, the guild receptionist (x11: y14)
  5. Complete the quest she assigns you
  6. Change your class to miner

You’ll be handed an old crappy pickaxe, but hey… the tool will get the job done, and you’re on your way to becoming a rich gatherer.

When you’ve changed your class to a miner, you get the ability to locate the closest gathering node.

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Mining Abilities

It is a great idea to activate these abilities in your buff bar. This will help you get stuff faster and provide better yields depending on the node.

Also, check the Quick Gathering checkbox in the Mining pop-up window, so you don’t have to click an item repeatedly.

The first five abilities you can always have activated in the beginning when mining, but the further you get down the list, the more node specific they’ll be.

If a node has a high Gathere’s Boon stat, throw on something like Nald’thals’s Tidings to get the most from that node.

  • Triangulate (lvl. 1): Find nodes easily
  • Lay of the land (lvl. 3): Directs you to the nearest node you can harvest
  • Sneak (lvl. 8): Avoid aggro enemies up to 4 levels above your own
  • Field Mastery III (lvl.10): Increases your chance of obtaining items from a node dramatically
  • Sharp Vision III (lvl. 10): Increases your chance of obtaining items from a node dramatically
  • Clear Vision (lvl. 23): Increases the chance of obtaining items on your next gathering attempt by 15%.
  • Bountiful Yield (lvl. 24): Increases the number of items obtained on your next gathering attempt by one.
  • Solid Reason (lvl. 25): Grants another gathering attempt. When gathering collectables, restores 1 integrity. It basically repairs the nodes.
  • King’s Yield II (lvl. 40): Increases the number of items obtained when gathering by two.
  • Truth of Mountains (lvl. 46): Find special nodes
  • Mountaineer’s Gift [I, II] (lvl. 50): Increases your chances of getting a Gatherer’s Boon (extra item) by 30% (stackable)
  • Nald’thal’s Tidings (lvl. 81): Increases the yield from Gatheres Boon by 1.
  • Wise to the World (lvl. 90): Grants another gathering attempt. When gathering collectables, restores 1 integrity. It basically repairs the nodes. You get the most of this by performing two actions on the nodes before using it.

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Leveling up Your Mining Skill – a brief overview.

As of Final Fantasy 14 v. 6.05 and Endwalker, there are three ways you can level up as a gatherer, aka miner:

  1. Use the gathering log (Overworld), aka Miners’ Class Quests
  2. Use Levequests
  3. Use Diadem

Here’s a short description of each:

Gathering Log, aka Miners’ Class Quests

This is the simplest way to begin mining. All you need to do is to gather items in your gathering log. As you progress through the levels, you’ll need to upgrade your mining gear to mine new stuff continuously.

To follow this path, you’ll need to have unlocked flying in Endwalker, Heavensward, Shadowbringers, and Stormblood maps.


Levequests are repeatable quests that are assigned to you by an NPC. They award you a lot of Experience Points (XP), but can be quite time-consuming. They’ll also provide you with cool gear you can buy from normal traders.

These also require flying.


This takes place on the map of Diadem.

When you reach level 20, you must complete the Ishgardian Restoration sidequest in the housing district of Ishgard.

It’s a great place to stack up on XP.

I’ll mostly cover the first two in this guide, as the latter is a bit tedious and not well-suited for beginners.

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Level 1-9

You start at mining level one. You can level up quickly during this stage.

If you do the class quest, you’ll need to focus on copper ore and bone chips.

Here’s a table with what you need to collect for the class quest level 1-10:

LevelClass QuestNPCZone/AreaCoordinatesItems/Objective
1Way of the MinerLinetteUl’dah, Steps of Thal(X:11, Y:14)Speak with Adalberta, the master of the Miners’ Guild.
1My First PickaxeAdalbertaUl’dah, Steps of Thal(X:10, Y:14)Copper Ore, Quota: 10
5Know Thy LandAdalbertaUl’dah, Steps of Thal(X:10, Y:14)Bone Chip, Quota: 10

If you do the levequests you need, there are more items to dig for.

Here is a table with the Mining Levequests from 1-5:

1Rubble BubbleGraceful SongWestern Thanalan, Scorpion Crossing(X:26, Y:24)Undamaged Brick, Nodes: 8
1Miners’ HolidayGraceful SongWestern Thanalan, Scorpion Crossing(X:26, Y:24)Copper Ore, Quota: 35
1The Primrose PathGraceful SongWestern Thanalan, Scorpion Crossing(X:26, Y:24)Yellow Copper Ore, Quota: 35
1Who Needs the PaperworkGraceful SongWestern Thanalan, Scorpion Crossing(X:26, Y:24)Wind-worn Slab, Nodes: 8
5Do They Ore Don’t TheyGraceful SongWestern Thanalan, Scorpion Crossing(X:26, Y:24)Rock sample, Nodes: 8
5I Don’t Zinc It’s a CoincidenceGraceful SongWestern Thanalan, Scorpion Crossing(X:26, Y:24)Rich Zinc Ore, Quota: 32, Nodes: 8
5Pipikkuli’s Ship Comes InGraceful SongWestern Thanalan, Scorpion Crossing(X:26, Y:24)Brown Clod, Quota: 35
5Vanishing PointGraceful SongWestern Thanalan, Scorpion Crossing(X:26, Y:24)Undamaged Brick, Nodes: 8

Level 10-19

Getting to level 15 will take a bit more effort, but it’s not that hard overall.

If you do the class quest, you’ll need to focus on copper ore and bone chips.

Here’s a table with what you need to collect for the class quest level 1-10:

LevelClass QuestNPCZone/AreaCoordinatesItems/Objective
10The Cutting EdgeAdalbertaUl’dah, Steps of Thal(X:11, Y:14)Obsidian, Quota: 10
15Getting in DeepAdalbertaUl’dah, Steps of Thal(X:10, Y:14)Cinnabar, Quota: 10

Here is a table with the Mining LeveQuests from 10-15:

10Break It UpTotonowaWestern Thanalan, Horizon(X:23, Y:16)Undamaged Bondstone, Nodes: 8
10It Peiste to ListenTotonowaWestern Thanalan, Horizon(X:23, Y:16)Peiste Molt, Quota: 35
10That’s Why They Call It Fool’s GoldTotonowaWestern Thanalan, Horizon(X:23, Y:16)Rock Sample, Nodes: 8
10We Do This the Hard WayTotonowaWestern Thanalan, Horizon(X:23, Y:16)Wind-worn Slab, Nodes: 4
15A Man’s Gotta DreamPoponaguEastern Thanalan, Camp Drybone(X:13, Y:24)Sample Rock, Nodes: 8
15Earth Sprites Are EasyPoponaguEastern Thanalan, Camp Drybone(X:13, Y:24)Earthen Power Stone, Quota: 35
15Eiderdown for EidolonsPoponaguEastern Thanalan, Camp Drybone(X:13, Y:24)Gravestone Block, Quota: 35
15The Doom That Came to Belah’diaPoponaguEastern Thanalan, Camp Drybone(X:13, Y:24)Magicked Stone, Nodes: 4

Level 20-29

For the class quests between level 20 and 30, you’ll focus on Carbonized Matter and Effervescent water.

Here’s a table with what you need to collect for the class quest level 1-10:

LevelClass QuestNPCZone/AreaCoordinatesItems/Objective
20Old Wisdom,
New Ways
AdalbertaUl’dah, Steps of Thal(X:11, Y:14)Grade 1 Carbonzied Matter,
Quota: 15
25Water from StoneAdalbertaUl’dah, Steps of Thal(X:10, Y:14)Effervescent water,
Quota: 15

Here is a table with the Mining LeveQuests from 20-25:

20Elemental HousekeepingNyellSouth Shroud, Quarrymill(X:25, Y:20)Moss-covered Stone, Quota: 40
20Location, Location, LocationNyellSouth Shroud, Quarrymill(X:25, Y:20)High-density Siltstone, Quota: 40
20Look How They Shine For YouNyellSouth Shroud, Quarrymill(X:25, Y:20)Sparkling Sand, Nodes: 8
20Rock My WallNyellSouth Shroud, Quarrymill(X:25, Y:20)Wall Stone, Quota: 32, Nodes: 8
25Baby, Light My WayNyellSouth Shroud, Quarrymill(X:25, Y:20)Unseeing Stone, Quota: 32, Nodes: 8
25Fool Me TwiceNyellSouth Shroud, Quarrymill(X:25, Y:20)Engraved Stone, Nodes: 8
25Can’t Start a FireNyellSouth Shroud, Quarrymill(X:25, Y:20)Sharpened Flint Stone, Quota: 40
25Tag, You’re ItNyellSouth Shroud, Quarrymill(X:25, Y:20)Wall Stone Shard, Quota: 32, Nodes 8

Level 30-44

Here’s a table with what you need to collect for the class quest level 1-10:

LevelClass QuestNPCZone/AreaCoordinatesItems/Objective
30Obsidian RaceAdalbertaUl’dah, Steps of Thal(X:10, Y:14)Wyvern Obsidian, Quota: 15
35Amethysts Are ForeverAdalbertaUl’dah, Steps of Thal(X:10, Y:14)Raw Amethyst, Quota: 20
40To Die ForAdalbertaUl’dah, Steps of Thal(X:10, Y:14)Jade, Quota: 20

Here is the table with the Mining LeveQuests from 35-40:

30I Kidd You NotNahctahrEastern La Noscea, Costa del Sol(X:30, Y:30)Brown Glass Shard, Nodes: 8
30That’s What the Money is ForNahctahrEastern La Noscea, Costa del Sol(X:30, Y:30)Iron Ore, Quota: 40
30The Midden FairNahctahrEastern La Noscea, Costa del Sol(X:30, Y:30)Mollusk Fossil, Quota: 32, Nodes: 8
30Shell GameNahctahrEastern La Noscea, Costa del Sol(X:30, Y:30)Moraby Oysters, Quota 32, Nodes: 8
35There are No Good AnswersCimeaurantCoerthas Central Highlands, First Discasterial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena(X:26, Y:28)Block of Snow, Quota: 32
35Rocks for BrainsCimeaurantCoerthas Central Highlands, First Discasterial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena(X:26, Y:28)Repair Stone, Nodes: 8
35Mythril MadnessCimeaurantCoerthas Central Highlands, First Discasterial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena(X:26, Y:28)Blue Mythril Ore, Nodes: 4
35Eye for an EyeCimeaurantCoerthas Central Highlands, First Discasterial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena(X:26, Y:28)Highland Limestone, Quota: 32, Nodes: 8
40Nature is a MonsterVoilinautCoerthas Central Highlands, Whitebrim(X:12, Y:16)Clear Snowcloak, Nodes: 8
40Brother in ArmsVoilinautCoerthas Central Highlands, Whitebrim(X:12, Y:16)Marcasite, Quota: 40
40Not Losing Our Heads This TimeVoilinautCoerthas Central Highlands, Whitebrim(X:12, Y:16)Permafrost, Nodes: 4
40Breach and BuildVoilinautCoerthas Central Highlands, Whitebrim(X:12, Y:16)Building Stone, Nodes: 8

Level 45-50

Here’s a table with what you need to collect for the class quest level 45-50:

LevelClass QuestNPCZone/AreaCoordinatesItems/Objective
45Gulley of WoesAdalbertaUl’dah, Steps of Thal(X:10, Y:14)Electrum Ore,
Quota: 20
50Canyon of RegretAdalbertaUl’dah, Steps of Thal(X:10, Y:14)Darksteel Ore, Quota: 3
50Breaking New GroundAdalbertaUl’dah, Steps of Thal(X:10, Y:14)Speek with Linette and deliver the envelope to the night outside Fortemps Manor. Then speak with Haimirich at the Forgotten Knight.

Here is the table with the Mining LeveQuests from 45-50:

45Crystal MessK’leytaiMor Dhona, Saint Coinach’s Find(X:29, Y:12)Overgrown Crystal, Quota: 40
45Hybrid HypothesesK’leytaiMor Dhona, Saint Coinach’s Find(X:29, Y:12)Crystallized Trunk, Quota: 40
45Metal Has No MasterK’leytaiMor Dhona, Saint Coinach’s Find(X:29, Y:12)Dreadnaught Heatshield, Nodes: 8
45Sucker SeerK’leytaiMor Dhona, Saint Coinach’s Find(X:29, Y:12)Scratched Allagan Runestone, Quota: 32, Nodes: 8
50The Merits of UpcyclingEloinFalcon’s Nest(X:10, Y:10.4)Jagged Stone, Nodes: 6
50The Road to PilgrimageEloinFalcon’s Nest(X:10, Y:10.4)Head-sized Stone
50Taken for GraniteEloinFalcon’s Nest(X:10, Y:10.4)Solid Volcanic Rock
50Breaking BeaconsEloinFalcon’s Nest(X:10, Y:10.4)
50The Basics of ForgergyEloinFalcon’s Nest(X:10, Y:10.4)
50BloodsportEloinFalcon’s Nest(X:10, Y:10.4)

Reaching the Upper Levels – Level 50-90.

Of course, you can still keep grinding the logbook. But including all the materials here will make this blog post too long.

So I decided to focus on the class quests of the upper levels only.

Here’s a table with the Mining Class Quests Levels between 50-90:

LevelClass QuestNPCZone/AreaCoordinatesItems/Objective
53SellspadeHaimirichFoundation(X:12, Y:12)Mythrite Ore,
Quota: 10
55The Sane VeinHaimirichFoundation(X:12, Y:12)Titanium Ore,
Quota: 10
58Digging DeeperHaimirichFoundation(X:12, Y:12)Hardsilver Ore,
Quota: 10
60The Hole TruthHaimirichFoundation(X:12, Y:12)Adamantite Ore,
Quota: 3
60Gift of the GobAdalbertaUl’dah, Steps of Thal(X: 10.8, Y: 14.3)Speak with Linette, then present the guild papers to Nonowato in Idyllshire. Speak with Stickqix and Nonowato.
63Thick SkinNonowatoIdyllshire(X: 7.1, Y: 5.9)Beggar’s Mythril, Quota: 3
65Pedal to the MetalNonowatoIdyllshire(X: 7.1, Y: 5.9)Feather Iron Ore,
Quota: 5
68Where the Money Takes YouNonowatoIdyllshire(X: 7.1, Y: 5.9)Serpentine, Quota: 8
70A Miner SuccessNonowatoIdyllshire(X: 7.1, Y: 5.9)Pummelite, Quota: 5

In Closing

You now have a better idea of what you need to do to level up your mining skill in FFXIV. The act of mining is simple, and you don’t even need to buy a full set of mining gear to get started.

As you level up, you’ll want to have the mining gear to make things easier and keep leveling up. Focusing on mining ore worth more experience points will be for the best.

Depending on your level, it’ll be better to mine certain types of ore. Always pay attention to the best ore you can mine based on your current level.

If you can try to mine that ore, then you’ll gain the most experience toward your next level. Eventually, you’ll be able to max out the mining skill by doing this repeatedly.

It would likely be better not to focus exclusively on leveling the mining skill. Mining is an action you can do while doing other things in the game.

If you work on leveling up your mining skill naturally as you play with friends, then it won’t feel like as much of a slog. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t worthwhile to go out of your way to mine rare materials from time to time, though.

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Final Fantasy XVI has so many different things that you can do. You can experience many quests to break things up as you work on becoming the best miner that you can be in the game.

You’ll reach your goal over time. It just isn’t something that will occur overnight due to how long the process takes.

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