How to Reduce Ping in CS GO


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS GO) is on of the most competive online first-person shooter game. So having a low ping is extremely important if you want to perform to the best of your ability.

When you have a higher ping number than normal, it’s going to cause your character to lag significantly. 

Those who experience latency issues will have a much tougher time winning no matter what online game mode they choose to play.

Lagging in CS GO can mean the difference between getting a kill or being killed, so having a high ping number is certainly something that you want to avoid.

If you have been experiencing problems with lag, then you might be wondering what can be done to fix things.

Below I’ve written a guide on latency issues and how to reduce ping in CS GO. Let’s jump in…

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Ping Meaning and Definition

If you don’t have a firm understanding of what the term ping and latency means, then it’ll be good to have an explanation. So what is Ping? And what’s the difference between ping and latency?

Ping is a diagnostics utility that sends a signal (data packets) from one computer to another computer or server. Latency is the time (in milliseconds) that it takes for the ping to return to the computer. So ping reports the round trip latency on a network.

Essentially, ping is a measurement of the amount of time (latency) it takes the game to communicate with the server and then send that information back to you.

Every single time you perform an action in an online game you’re going to need to have the information to make that round trip. When you have a higher ping number, the trip is going to take longer than usual. 

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Slight delays when compared to other players will make your game seem like it is lagging behind. You might even find online games to be unplayable if your ping is really high.

What is a normal ping number (latency in ms)?

What is PING?
Here I’ve pinged from my desktop using the command prompt in Windows. As you can see the average ping time is 16 milliseconds.

Normal ping number will be somewhere between 10ms and 70ms. If your ping is higher than 70ms, then you might wish to make some changes to try to bring it down.

Even if you have a latency of 50ms or 60ms, that’s not going to be unusual. In fact, most players are somewhere in that range and you can play the game just fine if your ping falls within the acceptable range.

This isn’t something that only happens in CS GO. It’s an issue with all online games that you’re going to want to try to solve.

How to see Ping in CS GO

You can see your ping number in CS GO by clicking the gear icon in the left panel and then going to settings.

In the settings, you’ll need to enable the developer console. In the developer console use these commands:

  • Press the ~ key. This allows you to input commands.
  • Type net_graph 1 and hit enter. This will show you ping information.
  • You can get things back to normal by entering net_graph 0. 

How to reduce ping in CS GO

Fixing ping issues will involve trying different things to see if they help. There are multiple approaches that you can take.

Below I’ve compiled a list of the common culprits that are usually to blame for high ping latency.

It’s very likely that you might need to use a combination of the different ideas below to help you to fix ping issues in CS GO.

That being said, I find some usually have more effect than others. So I’ve placed the most common causes that usually have the biggest effects when you fix these first.

1. Don’t download/stream stuff in the background

One of the biggest culprits to high ping times in CS GO is players (or other family members) either downloading or streaming stuff at the same time they’re trying to play the game.

Here are a few things to check:

  • Are you downloading (or uploading) something in the background via a torrent or a ftp-client? If so shut it down!
  • Is Windows or an app automatically downloading an update in the background? Pause it!
  • Is your family watching Netflix on the same network at the same time? Tell them to go outside and mow the lawn instead!

Downloading, sharing or streaming stuff while playing CS GO is always a bad idea if you want to have a low ping, since you’ll use up precious bandwidth.

2. Use a Wired Connection If Possible

If you’re playing CS GO on a PC or a video game console, then you’ll have an easier time if you play using a wired connection. Wi-Fi connections are going to have a higher ping than wired connections.

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A wired connection is a direct connection that makes the game experience better. Run an Ethernet cable from the cable modem or router to your gaming device of choice. 

Of course, this isn’t going to be an option for those who are playing the game on mobile devices. Regardless, it’s good to remember that using a wired connection is smart when it’s possible to do so.

This can make the gaming experience a lot easier overall. It might be the difference between high ping and having ping that is in an acceptable range. 

3. Close All Unnecessary Apps

Related to the advice above, closing unnecessary apps will help a lot when you’re trying to get the game to run well. This applies when you’re playing on either PC or mobile devices.

You want to just run the CS GO app as well as strictly necessary apps.

Try to limit background tasks as much as possible to keep ping issues from being exacerbated. There are some programs that will take up too many resources and cause your computer or phone to run slowly.

Also, again, check to see if your device is automatically downloading updates to the OS or apps in the background. Pause these if so!

Closing applications can help you to resolve such issues. It won’t take that long to do this overall. On your mobile device, it might be wise to restrict which apps can run in the background.

Deleting apps that you don’t need can help to free up space, too. 

4. Change CS GO Servers

Changing which server you’re playing CS GO on might alleviate issues with ping. You could be playing on a server that is very congested at the moment.

The high traffic can lead to greater issues than usual when it comes to ping. A different server might perform better, and you’ll be able to enjoy much better latency as a result.

There are two ways to go about this…

Method #1: Change the max ping under settings

The easiest way is to simply set a max ping under settings. This will only show you servers that meet these criteria. Start with putting in a ping of less than 50ms and see what shows up.

If no one shows up, then try putting in 75ms and then 100ms. Anything above this and you might want to play a different game (although I have occassionally playing on servers with a ping of up to 150ms).

Method #2: Use a matchmaking server app

Finding a different server will be easy when using a matchmaking server picking app such as Jyben’s CSGO MM server picker.

Try to find a server that is closer to your location if possible.

If all goes well, then you should have better matches moving forward. It could simply be that the server that you were playing on was too busy or problematic. 

5. Restart Your Router and Modem

Restarting your router and modem might be enough to help minor issues with ping. If you haven’t restarted the modem or router in a very long time, then it can cause issues to occur.

Simply taking the time to restart the system every so often will be a good idea. It’s recommended to do this once per week on average. 

While you’re doing this, it’ll also be prudent to restart your PC if you’re playing on a PC. This will give you the best experience.

It’s possible that this might solve your connection issues and get things back to normal. It’s a simple fix that will sometimes work to solve minor ping problems.

6. Check Your Router Settings and Firmware

Those who must use Wi-Fi when gaming online should check their router settings. Ensure that the settings are configured properly so that you will have a good experience (see things to check below).

Also, the router software (the firmware) might need to be updated.

Another thing to think about is whether your router is good enough for online gaming. Perhaps you’re using an older router, and this is leading to significant ping issues. Either way, it’s worth checking into. 

It might be a good idea to buy a router that is more capable of handling online gaming.

Things to check:

  • Make sure you’re using the 5GHz connection band instead of the 2.4GHz band. This will give you a much better bandwidth. However, the range is not as good, and I also find less good if you have lot of concrete walls.
  • If you’re router has a MU-MIMO (Multi-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output,) setting available, make sure to toggle this on. This will make your router communicate with several connected devices simultaneously, instead of each device in turn.
  • Check if your router can prioritize specific computer or media situations. Look for an option called QoS (Quality of Service) and look under the options available. Good gaming routers can often prioritize game data packages over other things, which can improve ping.

7. Check for Game Cache Issues

There could be issues with the game cache that are causing CS GO to play poorly.

You can fix these issues on PC by logging into Steam and right-clicking CS GO in your library. You want to go to properties and then to local files. From there, you should be able to click on “verify integrity of game files.”

This is going to check the cache to see if there are any problems.

If something is amiss, instructions will pop up that will tell you what to do. You’ll be able to resolve things so that the game will run smoothly.

8. Update Drivers and Software

Sometimes your drivers will be out of date, and this can cause issues. You might have things not run properly until you take the time to update the drivers.

Likewise, you want to keep all of your software up to date. Ensure that Windows is up to date and that your phone’s operating system is up to date.

Go around and check to see if all of the drivers are current or if they need to be updated. This can take some time, but it will pay off in the end.

Simply updating the drivers can positively impact the performance of the PC when playing games online. This is easy enough to do even if it seems a bit annoying at first.

9. Get a Better Internet Provider

No matter what, your experience when playing online games will be limited based on what type of internet service you have.

If you want things to go well, then you’ll want to pay for a high-speed internet connection. There are some less expensive plans out there that aren’t meant for online gaming. You might want to look into getting a better internet connection. 

You can run a speed test on your internet connection to determine the speed. If the speed is low, then you might need to talk to your provider to see what is going on.

You might need to upgrade the plan or switch providers so that you can enjoy an adequate connection speed. Either way, this is worth looking into before moving forward. 

10. Issues with Antivirus and Firewalls

It’s good to have antivirus software that you can count on. Likewise, it makes sense to use a firewall that can offer you protection from malicious sites and other issues.

However, there are times when antivirus programs and firewalls will interfere with your gaming experience. It could be slowing things down and causing the issues with high ping. 

This doesn’t mean that you need to delete the antivirus software and get rid of the firewall. It might be good to turn the antivirus software off as well as the firewall while you’re playing the game.

The security software could be what is slowing your speed down, and you can just disable it for a time while you’re gaming. See if this works to improve your gaming experience.

11. Run Virus Scans

This one is related to the one just above. Running virus scans might reveal that you’re having problems with your PC or smartphone. It’s wise to have antivirus software that can protect your devices.

Sometimes, you might go to a website that will infect your phone or PC with malware or other nasty issues. This can slow down the performance of your device and make gaming that much tougher. 

Doing regular virus scans will help you to protect your devices. Scan your computer and your phone to discover any issues.

You can then take the necessary steps to remove viruses or malware. It’ll improve your ping and overall game performance. 

12. PC Settings and Hardware Issues

Latency issues can be caused by many things. Your ping experience might have to do with the game settings. If you’re trying to play the game with higher settings, then it might be more than your PC can handle.

CS GO isn’t considered to be an intensive game by modern standards, but you might have an older PC. Lowering the quality settings might make the game run better for you while playing multiplayer games. 

Another thing to think about is whether you’re having hardware issues. Is there anything wrong with your PC or smartphone?

Do you need to upgrade it so that you can have a better time when gaming? Your issues might not even be related to ping since they could be on the hardware side. 

In Closing

There are all sorts of things that can go wrong when playing video games online. CS GO is a great game, but you need to have a decent ping number to have a good experience.

Ping numbers that are too high will lead to severe issues with lag. You’ll wind up losing simply because you’re lagging behind the others who are playing the game. 

Try the methods above to see if you can make the ping issues disappear. You might just need to update some drivers and restart your modem and router. It could also be a problem with game cache files.

There are all sorts of issues that you will want to look into. It’s possible to solve ping problems and get back to enjoying the game, though. 

Sometimes it’ll require you to close all of the applications that are running on your PC or smartphone. You might have to turn off antivirus protection or your firewall to prevent slowdown, too.

Do your best to use the information above and everything will play much better. These tips will work for CS GO and they will also apply to other online games that you might want to play.