How to Show Ping in League of Legends. The Ultimate Guide.


After logging onto League of Legends (Riot Games) and waiting five minutes just to join a game, you finally get going and can’t move your character?

You frantically mash your keys for a few minutes while saying some unchoice words, until finally throwing in the towel till you can figure out what is happening.

Since LoL is an online game, the first step is to look at your ping and see if it is high. 

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What is Ping?

What is PING?

First things first, it is important to understand what ping is.

Ping refers to the connectivity between your computer and the League of Legends game servers.

A more technical definition of ping is measuring the time it takes a data packet of information to go from your computer to the game servers and back to your computer. 

High ping usually means that your internet speed from your local modem or router, your internet service provider, or the response time of the game server is slower than normal, leading you to experience lag. See how to track down the exact issue here.

That is why checking your ping when League of Legends is going slow is always the first step.

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Use CTRL + F to Show Ping the Easy Way

In a game of LoL, you can typically display your ping in the top right corner of the screen, right below where you can see your Kills/Death/Assists (KDA) and the number of slain minions. It will also display your FPS numbers to the left of your ping.

So how do you show this useful piece of information? The easiest way to show your current ping is to use the default hotkey to show your ping is CTRL + F. If you no longer want it shown on your screen, you can press CTRL + F again, and it will disappear. It is that easy!

Alternative ways to show Ping in LoL

Sometimes the CTRL + F shortcut key may not work in League of Legends, so there are two other methods. They take a little extra time, but they are not difficult and will walk you through them step-by-step. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Method #1: Using Your Game Client 

If CTRL + F does not work, the first method available is to use your game client to change the hotkey used to toggle the ping display on and off.

Remember that this method and the following will require you to enter a game to learn your ping.

Steps to Use Game Client:

  1. Your League of Legends client should be opened to the main screen;
  2. Press the settings button (a small gear icon) in the top right of your screen;
  3. Navigate to the Hotkeys menu;
  4. In the Hotkeys menu, scroll down to the “Display” section;
  5. There will be an option for “Toggle FPS Display,” which will show your ping as well;
  6. If it does not say CTRL + F, select the first cell under “Set 1”;
  7. Type CTRL + F and hit enter;
  8. This will set the hotkey to display your ping to CTRL + F.

Method #2: Changing the Hotkey In-game

If you are already in a game and want to check your ping, but CTRL + F is not working, check the hotkey assigned to Toggle FPS Display via your game menu. You might have accidentally changed the default keyboard combination for ping.

Steps to Using the In-game option menu:

  1. Press ESC to open your game options menu;
  2. Click the Hotkeys button on the left side;
  3. Scroll down till you find the “Display” section;
  4. Find the “Toggle FPS Display” option under the “Display” section;
  5. Type CTRL + F in the first cell found under “Set 1,” and press enter;
  6. Your hotkey to display your ping is now CTRL + F.

Showing Your Ping In the Game’s Chat

Sometimes, sharing your ping with your team members can be useful, especially if you are experiencing lag. It helps keep your teammates from thinking you are throwing the game or purposefully feeding your opponents. 

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Sharing your ping is a simple process, but it requires the ability to toggle it on and off. If you cannot do that currently, please follow the simple steps above and then return to this section. 

How to Show Your Ping In the Chat:

  1. Toggle on your ping, so it shows in the top-right corner of your screen;
  2. Hold “Alt”;
  3. Left-click on your ping;
  4. The game chat will display a message containing your username, ping, and champion. 
  5. Only allies can see this message.

How To Reduce Ping in League of Legends

If you want a complete guide on reducing your LoL ping, check out this guide! Otherwise, here are a few tips on tracking down a connection issue when playing League of Legends. 

  • Ensure all other programs are turned off. Sometimes, you will need to use the Task Manager to shut down a program completely. 
  • If you can, use a cabled connection when playing League of Legends. Various things like walls or physical distance from the router or modem can slow down Wi-Fi. 
  • Check online to see if the Riot server is down or suffering from latency problems.
  • If you’re playing through a mobile data network, bad weather conditions, concrete walls, and distance from a mobile antenna can cause a high number. Move to a cabled connection, move to another place in your home near a window, or wait for the weather to clear.
  • Reset your internet connection, though this will keep you from playing for a bit as it can take 10 – 15 minutes for an internet connection to reset fully.

League of Legends Ping Levels

Here are the ping levels for League of Legends. A lower ping number will offer you a better gaming experience. 

  • 10 to 60 Ping: Lowest ping. The perfect ping to play League of Legends;
  • 60 to 80 Ping: Average ping. Good ping to play at;
  • 80 to 90 Ping: Above average ping. Your game will have a slight delay;
  • 100+ Ping: Higher ping. You will find it difficult to play.


Ping is everything in a competitive game like League of Legends; you will have a tough time trying to play if you do not have a good ping.

If you suffer from a lag issue, it probably means you’re suffering from an in-game ping issue. Notice that low frame rates aren’t necessarily connected to ping spikes. A low FPS can just as well be caused by your graphics cards struggling with the game or other processes running in the background on your computer.

Instead of cursing the gods above for hating the fact you play Yasuo, take a few minutes to check your ping, and do not forget to read this helpful guide! Until next time, GLHF!

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