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Like all MMORPGs, you are constantly leveling up and seeking the next best gear in Final Fantasy XIV. And it quickly gets confusing if you don’t know how to upgrade specific items.

So, whether you are a newer or an older player in FFXIV, here is how you get your hands on Shire Gear and then upgrade it.

Why Get Shire Gear

For new players still on the free trial, casual players, or even experienced players, Shire Gear is still the best gear you can get and will help you get through the Heavensword content.

And since Augmented Shire Gear has an item level of 270, you can even get far into the Stormblood Main Scenario.

How to Get Shire Gear in the First Place

So how do you get Shire Gear in FFXIV?

Purchasing Shire gear is not overly complicated, but it will require a ton of Allagan Tomestones of Poetics.

You can purchase new gear from Hismena in Idyllshire or Rowena’s Representative NPC at the Foundation. 

Purchasing From Hismena

  1. Talk to Hismena.
  2. Select either “Allagan Tombstones of Poetics(DoW)II” or “Allagan Tombstones of Poetics (DoM) II,” depending on your job.
  3. A list will pop up with all the different augmented Shire Gear available. 

Purchasing From Rowena’s Representative

  1. Speak to Rowena’s Representative.
  2. Select your role from the drop-down menu.
  3. After you have pulled up your role, choose “Shire Gear” from the menu.

A complete set of Shire gear will cost you 3775 Allagan Tombstones, including accessories. 

With the 5.3 update, you can purchase Shire gear earlier in the game compared to previously, but you must have access to the Foundation in Ishgard.

Once you have worked here, you can find Shire Gear with every Rowena Representative in major cities.

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Where to Upgrade Shire Gear

Now you got your Shire gear. So let’s take a closer look at how to upgrade it.

Luckily, it’s a very simple process to upgrade your Shire Gear or Augmented Shire Gear: 

How to upgrade Shire Gear.

The key to upgrading your shire gear to the next gear level is to visit an Upgrade NPC and use alchemic potions. Here how:

  1. Travel to Idyllshire.
  2. Visit the upgrade NPC, which is across the street from Hismena.
  3. If you are upgrading weapons, use Illuminati Deepest Gobdip and one spool.
  4. Use Illuminati Tautest Gobtwine and one spool to upgrade individual armor pieces.
  5. Accessories can be upgraded using Illuminati Darkest Gobcoat and one spool.
  6. There you go, you have successfully upgraded your Shire Gear! 

While non-augmented Shire gear is a great choice, you can take your full gear to an even higher item level with a new augmented type: enter Augmented Shire Gear! But lo and behold, you need to upgrade that too:

How to upgrade Augmented Shire Gear.

The key to upgrading augmented shire gear is to visit calamity salvagers. Here’s how:

  1. Visit one of the three starting cities.
  2. Go to the Calamity Salvager.
  3. Select “Deal in Spoils” to pull up a menu.
  4. Select the “Shire/Scaevan War/Magic” from that menu.
  5. You can now upgrade your Augmented versions!

With a full set of Augmented Shire Gear, you’ll have high quality gear that’ll last you a long time.

How and where to farm Allagan Tomestones of Poetics

To get enough Allagan Tomestone of Poetics to purchase and upgrade Shire gear, you need to know how to get your hands on this important currency. Luckily, there are several ways to gather a large number of them quickly. 

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1. Duty/Daily Roulette

The best option for acquiring Poetics is by partaking in daily duty roulette. You will be tasked with completing certain duties from your roulette, and you will receive Poetics for completing your duties.

On top of that, you also receive Poetics during the duty and an additional 100 Poetics every time you run through an instance for the first time. That bonus also applies if you are teamed up with someone running an instance for the first time.

Completing new jobs from the daily roulettes is a simple way to receive Poetics and quickly upgrade items.

2. Wondrous Tails

Wondrous Tails are weekly quests you are given to complete and provide various rewards, including Poetics. While not nearly as efficient of a way as Duty Roulette, you can still gather a fair amount of Poetics via these weekly missions. 

You can access Wondrous Tails after completing the level 60 side quest “Keeping Up With the Aliapohs.” The Unctuous Adventure gives it in Idyllshire. 

To request your weekly missions, you will need to visit Kloe Aliapoh. She can be found at (X:5.7, Y:6.1) and will give you a Wondrous Tail Journey Key after you speak with her. The new journal can be grabbed every Tuesday after 1 AM PDT. 

3. Main Scenario Quests

The third way you can get your hands on some Poetics is by completing Main Scenario Quests.

While not a very efficient way, as you will spend a lot of time dealing with cutscenes and storyline, it can be an okay method if you are looking for extra Poetics.

Plus, you have to complete the main job quests anyways, so you might as well get some Poetics for doing it.

4. Assorted Methods of Gathering Poetics

Besides the three primary methods of gathering Poetics, there are also a few other ways to get your hands on Poetics.

These alt jobs include completing dungeons, Hunts/Elite Marks, Fates, and more. 

At Level 50, you can visit the Allagan Tombstones of Poetics vendor, Auriana, in Mor Dhona. She sells complete Ironworks sets, which are good pre-Shire gear sets. 


Upgrading your old gear and taking it to the highest level can take some time if you do not have the necessary materials, but the process is extremely simple.

If you found this article helpful, then be sure to check out some of my other Final Fantasy VII articles, like this one on mining. Until next time, happy gaming!


Q: Should I get Shire gear or Ironworks gear pieces?

A: At level 50, you will want to get Ironworks gear, but once you hit level 60, you should get Shire gear as soon as possible. Not only is it more powerful, but it is also the only way you can work your way through the Heavensword content. 

Q: Where can I purchase Augmented Shire Weapons?

A: You can find augmented Shire Weapons in Ishgard sold by the Sundry Splendors vendors found by the aetheryte. It will appear on your map as a blue vendor icon. Upgrade your non-augmented piece to the augmented one at level 60!

Q: How many poetics can you hold at a single time?

A: You can only hold 2,000 poetics in your inventory at any given time, so you will have to purchase your Shire gear in spurts rather than all at once. 

Q: Is there a cap on how many Poetics you can earn?

A: No, there is no cap on how many Poetics you can earn from any source. You are limited to the number of poetics you can carry at any time.

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