Is Elite Dangerous Cross Platform? Find Out Now CMDR!


Elite Dangerous is a space flight simulation game that was created by Frontier Developments.

You’ll explore a representation of the Milky Way, and you can play by yourself or online with other people. This game is available on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

Elite Dangerous is the newest iteration of a game that I’ve loved ever since I played the original Elite (1984) on my Commodore 64 in the 1980s.

The original Elite blew me away and was in some ways way ahead of many of the other games of the time with true 3D vector graphics and a massive procedurally Milky Way galaxy to explore.

Later I played it on the Amiga 500. The gameplay was the same, but vector graphics was filled and had colors. This was followed by the incredible Frontier: Elite II (1993), which I remember most for that it allowed you to fly through a planets atmosphere and land on a planets surface (at a hanger).

In other words, Elite is the mother of all the space sims we love today – from No Man’s Sky, to Star Citizen, Eve Online, and Starfield.

So is Elite Dangerous cross platform? That is, is it possible to crossplay Elite Dangerous with friends on fx an Xbox if you’re on PC and vice versa?

Fire up The Blue Danube, and let’s explore!

​What is Elite Dangerous? – A quick overview.

  • Game Developer: Frontier Developments
  • Game Publisher: Frontier Developments
  • Genre: MMO, Space Flight Simulation

You won’t be able to play a traditional story mode in Elite Dangerous. There isn’t a narrative that will task you with going to different places.

Instead, you’re going to be given an open-ended experience where you get to decide where to go.

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The idea is that the story plays out in real-time, and you’re able to learn about the world through what you experience.

That being said, there are story elements that pop up such as stories that are reported through “GalNet.”

Sometimes there might be in-game events that will help you to learn something as well, but you won’t be given normal cutscenes or anything like that.

It’s designed to be an experience for the players rather than a narrative game. The game is set in the year 3300, and you’ll have plenty of space to explore.

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Most of the gameplay in Elite Dangerous centers around piloting a spaceship. The gameplay is very open-ended, and this means that you don’t have specific objectives.

You can go where you want to explore to your heart’s content. There is a multiplayer element to this game as well, and that means that you can encounter other players. 

You can play this game in single-player mode as well if that’s more your speed. However, it should be noted that the single-player mode is online-only.

You can earn money to upgrade your ship no matter what mode you play in. It’s also possible to buy completely new ships once you’ve earned enough cash. 

This game is so big that you’ll never truly be able to explore it all. The game has 400 billion star systems, and the planets and moons orbit the stars in real-time. It’s a truly impressive game.

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Since its initial release there have been several major expansion DLCs for Elite Dangerous. Here is a quick breakdown of each:

  • Horizons (2015) was a major DLC that added things like planetary landings, ground bases and vehicles, passenger missions, co-op multicrew support, and cool ship-launched fighters.
  • Arena (2016) added a close quarters combat mode to Elite Dangerous. It existed for a while as a small stand-alone mini-game, but now only exists as a game mode within Elite Dangerous.
  • Beyond (2018) added changes and balances to the core gameplay in Elite Dangerous as well as advanced weapons systems and better graphics on planets.
  • Odyssey (2021) is a major DLC that adds ground missions on foot, which is a first in the Elite franchise. In other words, you can suit up and carry out missions on foot outside your spaceships.

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​What platforms are Elite Dangerous available for?

Elite Dangerous is available for:

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  • PC (Microsoft Windows)
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S – through backward compatibility
  • PlayStation 4 (PS4)
  • PlayStation 5 (PS5) – through backward compatibility

​Is Elite Dangerous cross platform between PC and PS4?

No, unfortunately, Elite Dangerous isn’t cross platform between PC and PS4. That means you can’t cross play with friends on PS4 if you’re on PC and vice versa.

​Is Elite Dangerous cross platform between PC and Xbox One?

No, unfortunately, Elite Dangerous isn’t cross platform between PC and Xbox either. So that means that you can’t cross play with friends on Xbox One if you’re on PC and vice versa.

​Is Elite Dangerous cross platform between Xbox and PS4?

No, unfortunately, Elite Dangerous isn’t cross platform between Xbox and PlayStation either, which meansthat you can’t cross play with friends on Xbox One if you’re on PC and vice versa.

​Is Elite Dangerous cross generation?

Yes, Elite Dangerous is cross gen – though only through backward compatibility.

That means that you Xbox Series X/S owners can cross play Elite Dangerous together with Xbox One owners. Likewise PS5 players can play Elite Dangerous together with PS4 players.

That’s because it’s the same version of the game running on both platforms, though next gen players will enjoy faster loading times and frame rates.

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​Summary: Is Elite Dangerous cross platform in 2022?

Unfortunately, Elite Dangerous isn’t cross platform between PC, PlayStation and Xbox. That means you can’t cross play with friends on consoles if you’re running Elite Dangerous on Microsoft Windows. However, Elite Dangerous is cross gen (through backward compatibility) allowing players within the same console platform system to play together.

Elite Dangerous FAQ:

Here are the answers to some other common questions about Elite Dangerous:

​Is Elite Dangerous cross save?

No, Elite Dangerous isn’t cross save between platforms. However, Frontier can help you with a one-time transfer of your wealth (credits and credit value of all the ships you own in-game) if you contact them.

​Is Elite Dangerous online only?

​Yes, Elite Dangerous requires an internet connection to play. It doesn’t have to be fast though – especially not for single-player missions. If you engage in multiplayer space battles, a fast connection is adviced though, because lag will make it almost unplayable.

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​Is Elite Dangerous VR?

​Yes, Elite Dangerous has full Virtual Reality support for VR headsets such as Oculus and HTC Vive – but only on PC. Elite Dangerous is not VR on PlayStation (PSVR) or Xbox.

How to enable VR in Elite Dangerous:

  • If you have a Steam version, you need to install SteamVR to play Elite Dangerous in VR modee.
  • If you have a non-Steam version, you need to start the game first, and then go to Options -> Graphics and change “3D” to “Head Mounted Display”.

​Is Elite Dangerous on Mac?

No, Elite Dangerous isn’t available on Mac and hasn’t been since update 3.3. Your account should still exist though, so you can log in and play it on PC or use Bootcamp.

​Is Elite Dangerous on Game Pass?

Yes, Elite Dangerous is available on Game Pass.