Is Vigor Cross Platform? [PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Switch]


Vigor is a free-to-play looter shooter game that was developed by Bohemia Interactive.

The game is set in Norway and it also has survival elements, and it reminds me of a mix between DayZ and State of Decay 2 – without the zombies. This is a multiplayer-only title.

It was initially released for the Xbox One on August 19, 2019, but it was later ported to consoles such as the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, and Playstation 5.

So is Vigor cross platform, i.e. is Vigor crossplay so you can play with friends across different gaming platforms?

If you’re ready to loot and shoot go see the answers to this and more questions below.

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​What is Vigor? – A quick overview.

Vigor is set in a post-apocalyptic version of Norway. Players are tasked with trying to stay alive and survive the harsh environment that they must live in.

You’ll need to build a shelter, and a big part of the gameplay involves seeking out resources. There won’t be a story to follow in Vigor, but you can make your own stories through your interactions with other players online. 


In Vigor, you play as an Outlander who seeks better equipment and resources. You gain these things through your encounters with other players. Each encounter has a map with various points of interest. Examining points of interest can reward players with resources. 

There are also airdrops during encounters that will contain valuable things such as weapons, blueprints, and the currency in the game (Crowns).

You can see where the airdrop is supposed to happen on your map, and it’ll be up to you to try to make it there first. Radiation clouds are also a huge concern during encounters. 

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You’ll find several different game modes such as shootout and elimination mode in this title.

The shootout mode is a fast-paced game where players are supposed to look for better weapons to take out other Outlanders. The match lasts 10 minutes and the player with the highest score at the end wins.

Elimination mode is similar, but it’s a five-versus-five team battle where players are eliminated and won’t come back until the next round.

​What platforms are Vigor available for?

Vigor is available for:

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • PlayStation 4 (PS4)
  • PlayStation 5 (PS5)
  • Nintendo Switch

​Is Vigor cross platform between Xbox and PlayStation?

No, Vigor isn’t cross platform between Xbox and PlayStation, meaning you can’t crossplay with friends on PS4 or PS5 if you’re on Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S and vice versa.

​​Is Vigor cross platform between Xbox and Switch?

Yes, Vigor is cross platform between Xbox and Switch. That means that you can crossplay Vigor with friends on Xbox if you’re on Nintendo Switch and vice versa.

That being said, Vigor prioritizes players from the same platform, meaning it’s mostly there to shorten the matchmaking time. This means if there are enough Xbox players for a match fx, it will fill up the game with Xbox players. But if a few slots are missing Switch players will take those slots and vice versa.

Vigor even differentiates between whether you’re playing in handheld or docked mode on the Switch. This means that if you’re playing fx in handheld mode it will first try to put you in a match with other handheld players.

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​​Is Vigor cross platform between PlayStation and Switch?

No, Vigor isn’t cross platform between PlayStation and Switch, which means you can’t crossplay Vigor with friends on Nintendo Switch if you’re on PS4 or PS5 and vice versa.

​Is Vigor cross generation?

Yes, Vigor is true cross gen. That means that Xbox Series X/S owners can crossplay Vigor together with Xbox One owners. Likewise, PS5 players can play Vigor together with PS4 players. That’s because it’s the same version of the game running on both platforms.

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​Summary: Is Vigor cross platform in 2022?

Vigor is cross platform between Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. Crossplay between Xbox and Switch are mostly there to shorten your matchmaking time, i.e. it prioritizes players from the same platform first, but fills up with players from other platforms if needed. PS4 and PS5 are not crossplay compatible with Xbox and Switch, but PS5 and PS4 players can play together due to cross-generation compatibility.

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Vigor FAQ:

Here are the answers to some other common questions about Vigor:

​Is playing Vigor duos and trios cross platform?

If you play Vigor as a duo or trio with friends on your friends’ list cross platform crossplay isn’t available as the friends’ list is limited to that particular platform.

In other words, when playing Vigor in duo or trio mode there’s no cross-platform compatibility.

​Is Vigor coming to PC?

No, Bohemia Interactive has no plans to release Vigor on PC.

​Is Vigor cross progression?

No, Vigor isn’t cross progression, which means that the game doesn’t support cross save between different platforms.

​Is Vigor split screen?

No, Vigor isn’t split screen on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, or Nintendo Switch.

​Is Vigor free roam open world?

No, Vigor is made up of various different maps with loot for you to scavenge and leave. In that sense, it reminds me of State of Decay 2.

​Is Vigor battle royale?

No, Vigor isn’t battle-royale in the traditional sense, meaning it doesn’t have an enclosing circle that makes the map smaller and smaller. But it does share some gameplay similarities though.

Instead, of the sweeping circle, Vigor has a radiation cloud, that sweeps the maps, and drives the players towards the exits. You’ll also lose all your gear if you die. And there are airdrops with loot that are sure to attract a lot of players leading to violent gunfights.