Minecraft Village Finder Guide: How to Find A Village, Move in, and Trash it!


Playing Minecraft is all about adventuring and having a good time.

As you continue to journey and discover new locations, you’re going to come across a village at some point in time. Once you see the village, you might marvel at how nice it is.

Some players even wind up wanting to move into the village so that they can protect it and use it as a home base.

Continue reading to learn more about Minecraft villages. This handy Minecraft village guide is meant to help you learn how to find villages using the Minecraft Village Finder, and more. You’ll also learn how you can move in as well as how to trash villages if you’re feeling mischievous.

How to Find a Village using the Minecraft Village Finder

Learning how to find a village isn’t really a natural thing that you can do in the game. It is possible, but it’s something that only PC gamers will be able to do.

You can use console commands to find the nearest village. This essentially acts as a Minecraft village finder. Otherwise, you’d just need to search randomly to see if you can find a village in the world.

Thankfully, using the console command is very simple. Simply pull up the chat command by pressing the “T” button and then type the phrase ā€œ/locate Village.ā€

Once you press the enter key, you’ll be given the coordinate to the village. This always gives you the coordinates to the nearest village, but there could be other villages out there, too.

If you’re wondering how to pull up coordinates in Minecraft, then that’s simple as well. Just press the F1 (or F3 in the Java Edition) key and you’ll see the coordinates.

This makes it easy to navigate to specific points on the map. You can build structures around the world and you’ll always be able to find them if you write down the coordinates.

What Is a Zombie Village?

It’s also worth talking about zombie villages. Zombie villages have only a 2% chance of spawning. These are abandoned villages where you’ll often see zombies roaming somewhere nearby.

The basic idea is that the village used to be inhabited but the residents were taken out by zombies. You can reclaim an abandoned village if you’d like to use the methods that you’ll learn about later on.

How to Live in the Village

Living in the village is pretty simple overall. You just need to build yourself a house in the village or very close to the village. This will allow you to insert yourself into the community. You don’t need a fancy invite from the villagers or anything like that.

Choose a good spot to start building a house by the village. Ideally, you’ll want to pick a place that gives you a good overview of the map so that you can see oncoming threats.

If your goal is to protect the village from zombies and other monsters, then you’ll want to pick the location of your home wisely. Once you’re done, you can officially say that you’re living in the village.

You can technically occupy a house that already exists in the village, too. If you don’t like building houses too much, then this might be the best thing to do. Just craft yourself a bed somewhere. The villagers won’t start charging you rent.

Are There Advantages to Living in the Village?

The Village & Pillage update from 2019 revamped villages in Minecraft and included a lot of new cool stuff to villages. In Minecraft reality, I’ve never seen villagers this happy though.

There aren’t necessarily any advantages to living in the village. Being closer to the village is kind of nice because you can trade with the villagers. Villager trades will allow you to get good materials sometimes. It can also be fun to interact with them in certain ways.

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Villagers will spawn in the village based on how many beds are there. You can make more villagers by building more houses and placing more beds. There’s a chance that different types of villagers will spawn. There are many different villager jobs, and it’s kind of neat to have a village that has many unique NPCs.

Create a Wall Around the Village

Creating a wall around the village for protection is a great idea. If you want the village to thrive, then you’re going to need to keep zombies and creepers from ruining everything. Ideally, you’ll want your wall to be at least three blocks high. It should be made out of cobblestone or an even stronger material to provide ample protection.

Don’t Forget to Use Torches

Torches can be placed at specific points in the village to keep certain monsters away. You can make lighting rigs in various spots so that you can keep your new home safe.

This doesn’t take that long to do, and it’s definitely going to be smart when you want to avoid having your village get blown up. Maybe the villagers should be paying you for all that you do for the community.

Create Some Iron Golems to Protect Everyone

Iron golems are great when it comes to protecting villages from monsters. Set up iron golems around the perimeter of the village and they will hunt down monsters that get close.

If you don’t know how to do this, then you should know that it’s super simple. You just need to arrange four iron blocks into a T-shape and then place a pumpkin on top in the center.

You’ll be able to see these materials transform into an iron golem before your eyes. This destructive force is on the side of good, and it’ll be the bane of monsters that try to wreck your village.

Since iron is so common and pumpkins aren’t hard to come by, this is a great idea. It can be fun to watch your iron golem army do your bidding.

Other Ideas to Protect Your Minecraft Village House

Have you thought about making some traps? You could do your best to dig a moat around the village or you could craft cannons. There are many ways that you can attack monsters that want to bother your village. Get creative and do your best to have fun with your new home.

What If You Want to Trash Everything?

You likely don’t need advice if your goal is to trash the village. If you want to fully embrace chaos, then you can start tearing the village down and causing the villagers problems.

It’s just a game, so you shouldn’t have to feel bad about your actions, right? Well, that’s up to you to decide.

Summary: How to find a village in Minecraft

So let’s sum up how to find a village the easy way in Minecraft by using the Minecraft village finder on PC

  1. Press “T” to pull up the the chat command window
  2. Type in /locate Village
  3. Press Enter
  4. Press F1 to see coordinates
  5. Follow the coordinates to the nearest village

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