Is League of Legends Dying?

Is League of Legends Dying featured image

While proven to have the most toxic player base of any gaming community, League of Legends remains one of the most popular games in the world. The MOBA game focused on 5v5 combat brings in millions of League of Legends monthly players. Yet people still ask: is League of Legends dying? The short answer is … Continue Reading

Can You See Who Viewed Your TikTok?

Can You See Who Viewed Your TikTok?

TikTok has taken the world by storm over the last several years. Whether you’ve just started making TikTok videos or if you’ve been at it for quite some time, you know how fun the platform can be. It’s entertaining to watch videos, and it’s also fun to get in on the action by creating your … Continue Reading

How To Fix Snapchat [Troubleshooting Guide]

How to fix Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular apps for chatting with friends, sending pictures, and even just talking. It can also be a lot of fun to play with the various filters while taking pics. For the most part, Snapchat is an intuitive app that is easy to use even for beginners. You don’t need … Continue Reading

Snapchat Names for Your Best Friend

Snapchat Names for Your Best Friend

Your best friend is the most special person in your life—and on your Snapchat. This is the person you send your ugliest selfies, who you have the longest streaks with, and who you know will always respond to a 2 A.M. mental breakdown on the app.  Snapchat even helpfully separates your best friends from your … Continue Reading

Best Snapchat Story Private Names (Funny)

Best Snapchat Story Private Names (Funny)

Your private Snapchat story is a great opportunity to share moments from your life with just a circle of your closest friends.  A private Snapchat story is also a great way to show off your creativity, particularly when it comes to choosing a name. The best Snapchat story private names (funny ones are particularly in … Continue Reading

Is Far Cry 6 Worth It?

Is Far Cry 6 worth it - Is Far Cry 6 boring and empty

I loved playing Far Cry 5! I played it with a good friend, and we had so much fun driving around as hillbillies causing all sorts of mayhem. The main storyline was great, and the powerful cult leader Joseph Seed was a charismatic and complex antagonist. Plus, the animated cutscenes were great, and the voice … Continue Reading

What Happened to Couch Co-Op?

What Happened to Couch Co-Op - Is couch co-op dead

Many people fondly remember the days of sitting on their couches and playing games in the same room as their closest friends. You likely grew up playing co-op titles on older video game consoles. Playing video games together with friends who are in the same room as yourself is both a social and fun experience. … Continue Reading