How to Upgrade Shire Gear in FFXIV

FFXIV How to upgrade Shire Gear featured Image

(Featured Image credit: Square Enix) Like all MMORPGs, you are constantly leveling up and seeking the next best gear in Final Fantasy XIV. And it quickly gets confusing if you don’t know how to upgrade specific items. So, whether you are a newer or an older player in FFXIV, here is how you get your … Continue Reading

How to Overmeld in Final Fantasy XIV

how to overmeld FFXIV

(Featured Image credit: Square Enix) So, you have been playing FFXIV for a while, and something called Materia has taken up space in your inventory. You decide to look online to see what you can do with it, and here you have arrived. Are you ready to learn everything you need to know about Overmelding … Continue Reading

How to Mine in FFXIV

FXIV How to mine

(Featured Image credit: Square Enix) Final Fantasy XIV by Square Enix is among the best MMORPGs ever made. It has such a dedicated fanbase and has certainly proven to be a worthy entry in the Final Fantasy series. If you’ve just started playing FFXIV, then things like mining might seem a bit confusing. So I’ve … Continue Reading

How to Hide the UI in FFXIV. A Quick Guide.

How to hide the ui in FFXIV

(Featured Image credit: Square Enix) Final Fantasy XIV by Square Enix is such a great MMORPG game that makes it easy to have fun with friends. However, it’s easy to feel as if the user interface gets in the way sometimes, because the UI HUD elements (such as the main hotbar slots and progress bar) … Continue Reading

Guide: FFXIV How To Take Screenshots [PC and PS4]

FFXIV How to take screenshots

(Featured Image credit: Square Enix) Playing Final Fantasy XIV with your friends is so much fun. There’s a reason why this MMORPG is considered to be among the best ever made. If you want you should check out my guide to crossplay in FFXIV here. Spending hours of time playing this game can feel like … Continue Reading