How Much is 10000 Bits on Twitch? [The Ultimate Guide to Bits]


Twitch offers several ways to support your favorite streamers, and one of those ways is through bits.

You can also support a Twitch channel and other Twitch users by gifting subs, which you can read more about here.

Bits allow you to donate small amounts of money to your favorite Twitch streamer when he/she does something you enjoy and show that you appreciate them and the hard work they puts into their content.

So how much are 10000 Bits on Twitch?

Since one Bit equals one penny (US) in real-world money, 10000 Bits on Twitch is $100. This happens to be the same amount as the minimum threshold for withdrawing money earned from Bits on Twitch.

If you are ready to learn everything you need about Bits and the different ways, you can use and earn them, keep reading below!

What Exactly are Bits?

Bits are a form of digital currency or currency system used on Twitch. Twitch users use Bits to tip (i.e., make direct donations) to their favorite streamers to create good content.

For example, let us say you are watching a Dead by Daylight streamer. They won their game flawlessly and wrecked the survivors. You don’t have much money and can’t afford a donation or sub, so what do you do?

Well, that is why bits exist.

Twitch bits is an easy way to show love to streamers while only costing you the equivalent of a buck or two. You can even get your hands on free bits sometimes; more later.

What are Bit Badges?

You unlock cheer chat badges when you spend bits to support a content creator’s live stream. So whenever you use the cheering feature, other Twitch users can see your cheer badge next to your user name during live streams.

The default different bit badges are achieved at these reward tiers:

  • 1 Bit
  • 100 Bits
  • 1K Bits
  • 5K Bits
  • 10K Bits
  • 25K Bits
  • 50K Bits

Notice that sometimes a creator has turned off one or more of the default badges. So you might not get a bits icon next to your name fx at 1000 bits as you hoped.

On the other hand, established Twitch streamers often create unique Bit badges by uploading a unique Bit icon.

You might also get lucky that they have created special emotes for specific Bit-tiers. Fx, you could a special reward for donating 1K Bits for anyone in the chat window to see.

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How Much are Bits Worth?

As said previously, bits are Twitch’s “official” currency, and they are worth USD.

Each bit is worth one penny, so 100 bits would be $1. So 200 bits would be $2, 500 bits would be $5, and so on. If you want to know how much a certain amount of bits is worth, check the table below. 

Number of BitsWorth in USD
Table 1: Twitch bit conversion rate to USD.

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How to Purchase Twitch Bits

Even though bits are worth one penny, the actual purchase price is slightly more. When purchasing bits, it will cost you $1.40 per 100 bits instead of $1.00.

After all, Twitch has to make money somehow, so when you tip 100 bits to a streamer, they receive one US dollar, and Twitch takes the other $0.40.

How to Purchase Bits:

  1. In the right-hand corner of your screen, when you are watching a stream, there is a button that says “Get Bits.”
  2. Click that to bring up the bit purchase window. 
  3. You can buy seven different tiers of bits: 100, 300, 500, 1500, 5000, 10000, and 25000. 
  4. Select the amount you would like to purchase and complete the purchase. 
  5. There you go; you have purchased bits that you can now use to support your favorite streamers!

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Using Bits

Now that you have bits, how do you use them, though? Do not fear; I am here to guide you on how to use those freshly purchased bits. It is a simple process, and before too long, you will be cheering for those epic Dead by Daylight kills like no other. 

In the stream’s chat box, you must type “cheer” followed by the number of bits you wish to give to the streamer you are watching.

For example, you would write “cheer 500” as a chat message if you wanted to donate 500 bits to the streamer you are watching. Simple, right?

For this reason, Bits is sometimes referred to as Twitch Cheer Bits.

The specific number of bits, aka the amount of money you want to donate, is up to you. However, top Twitch streamers often set the minimum amount of Bits you can donate to 100. More on this later.

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Getting Your Hands Free Twitch Bits

What if you do not have the money or do not want to spend your hard-earned money on bits?

That is completely understandable, which is why there are several ways to get your hands on bits for free. It will cost you nothing but a bit of your time and allows you to support your favorite streamers still. 

These methods are not useful if you want to donate bits immediately because it takes time to earn enough money to purchase bits.

Also, it is important to note that Twitch NO LONGER allows you to watch ads in return for bits. They stopped doing this in late 2021, and there is no sign of it returning. 

Using Google Opinion Rewards to Earn Extra Cash

If you enjoy completing surveys, you can occasionally complete Google Opinion surveys to earn some side cash to purchase bits with.

You can also use any other survey site like InboxDollars, Swagbucks, or Survey Junkie for this, but I will be focusing on Google Opinion Rewards for this article. 

  1. Download the app on your phone from the Apple or Google Play store. 
  2. Log into the app with a verified Gmail account.
  3. Typically, there will be one or two surveys you can complete right away.
  4. After those initial surveys, you will have to check back periodically for new surveys to complete. 
  5. The payout minimum is $5, so it can take some time to earn enough money to withdraw and purchase bits. 

Completing Surveys on Twitch Research Power Group (TwitchRPG)

TwitchRPG is a survey research group/website you can join to earn bits. Completing TwitchRPG surveys let you earn up to 500 Bits per survey.

You will need to sign up with a verified email, and then you will receive emails whenever they have a survey that matches your profile. Since this is so random, it is not a good way if you want bits right that moment. 

Remember that you will need to be quick when completing the surveys, as you only receive bits from them if you complete them fast enough. So ensure you have a good internet connection, and set aside 10 – 20 minutes to complete the survey in one session.

Making Money With Bits as a Streamer

While most of this article pertains to the common folk who watch streamers, perhaps you are a streamer or are considering becoming a streamer and would like to know a bit more about bits from a streamer’s side. 

The first thing you need to do when planning on accepting bits on your channel is to become either a Twitch Affiliate or a Twitch Partner.

Once you are a member of either of these groups, you can begin to accept donations, including bits. Both Twitch Partner and Twitch Affiliate have different requirements you will need to meet.

If you are curious, check out this article outlining the differences between them and how to meet the requirements. 

For new streamers, keep the minimum cheer at 1 Bit. Viewers are often not willing to part with much real-world money to support a new channel before they’ve been convinced that you provide them with something of value.

By setting the barrier of entry low enough, you increase the chances of them investing in you. And as they invest in you, they also become more involved. But they also expect you to keep up the good work. Don’t forget to create different badges for the different tiers.

If you’re an emerging streamer who’ve begun getting a regular audience, you can start experimenting with the exact amount. The most common is 100 bits, as it is a small enough amount that nearly everyone can donate that many. 

Top streamers can make the minimum anything they want. But still, 100 bits is the most common amount, as it allows die-hard fans and the normal viewer to participate. Plus, top streamers have the luxury of having more subs and extra sources of income from sponsors.

Note: The minimum threshold for withdrawing money earned from bits on Twitch is $100. That is the equivalent of 10,000 bits if you are curious about the number necessary.


Donating bits to your favorite streamers is a great way to help support them, and do not put a hole in your wallet. If you enjoyed this article, check out some of my other Twitch guides like this one on Twitch overlays. Until next time, happy stream-watching!


Q: Can I get a refund on my Twitch bits?

A: No, you cannot get your money back once you have purchased Twitch bits. So be sure you want to purchase them when you hit that Buy now button. 

Q: Do I have to pay taxes on the Twitch bits I receive?

A: Yes. Like any other form of income, you will have to pay taxes if you make a sizable income from bit donations. Check your local country’s tax laws to find out the details. 

Q: I cannot purchase bits for a certain streamer. Why?

A: If you cannot purchase bits to donate to a certain streamer, it is possible they do not have bits enabled on their channel. This tends to be the case with newer and smaller Twitch partners, so ask the streamer if you are curious.

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