What does Focus do in Elden Ring?


Elden Ring is one of the most challenging role-playing games to succeed at – even more brutal than Dark Souls, and it comes with dozens of different stats that you can improve. 

Today I will look at Focus, what it is, the effect it has on your character, and how to upgrade it. 

In this complete guide, I’ll explain what Focus is in Elden Ring, how you can achieve a higher Focus stat, and the best way to boost it beyond using experience points! 

What is Focus in Elden Ring?

Focus is a defensive stat that improves resistance against the status effects Madness and Sleep. You can boost it by Runes (EXP) or the Mind stat, which I’ll get back to in a minute.

Madness deals 100 points of damage plus 15% of your total HP, and you lose Focus Points (FP) equal to 30 + 10% of your max FP. 

Sleep does precisely what you think it does where it puts you to sleep for a max of 60 seconds, and items, skills, and Focus can decrease that time.

While you may not face many enemies while playing Elden Ring, who tries to make you go mad or take a nap, upgrading your focus is still important. 

After all, why make yourself vulnerable to physical attacks because you fall asleep in the middle of a battle?

How to the Focus Attribute 

So, how do you upgrade the Focus defensive attribute?

Well, the Focus stat is based on the Mind attribute, so the more upgrade points you put into Mind, the higher your Focus will be.

Keep in mind (pun intended!) though, that Mind doesn’t increase Focus before you reach level 31.

The number of Focus Points available to you is based on your Mind attribute, so if you use a build that needs a ton of FP, you may want to increase Mind up to levels 55 and 60. 

For a regular build, it is recommended that you stop around level 40, as at that point, the stat increases you get from Mind will barely be worth it.

In the table below, you can see how you’ll benefit lesser from boosting Focus above Mind Level 40:

Mind LevelBonus Focus per Mind level
31-40 +3
The law of diminishing returns for boosting the Mind stat in direct relation to Focus.

Instead, if you want to increase your Mind and Focus without investing your hard-earned points into Mind, you can purchase accessories and armor that improve one or both. 

What is the Best Armor Set in Elden Ring for Focus?

If you want to increase your Focus via armor, there are two particular sets I’d look at:

The best armor set in Elden Ring for Focus is the Mushroom Armor Set, which provides you with 214 Focus points.

You can find the Mushroom Armor Set in the Seethewater Cavern.

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If you also want the Mushroom Crown, which you can find at the southernmost point of the Lake of Rot, Nokron City.

If you cannot get the Mushroom Set, the best option to upgrade focus levels is Azur’s Glintstone Set (+204 Focus).

What other Items Can Improve Your Focus?

There are many items scattered throughout Elden Ring that improve your Focus.

Below is a list of some of the more common ones, but there are dozens more besides the ones listed here. 

  • Corhyn’s Robe (+107 Focus)
  • Mottled Necklace Talisman (raises Focus by 40/60)
  • Greathood Headpiece (+47 Focus)
  • Pumpkin Helm (+44 Focus)
  • Clarifying Horn Charm Talisman (raises Focus by 90/140)
  • Shield of the Guilty (raises Focus by 40)
  • Rift Shield (raises Focus by 40)
  • Gold Waistwrap (+56 Focus)
  • Spiralhorn Shield (raises focus by 50)
  • Fire Prelate Greaves (+30 Focus)
  • Fire Prelate Gauntlets (+30 Focus)
  • Astrologer’s Trouser (+56 Focus)

What Stats Should I Increase Instead of Focus?

At the beginning of the game, new players looking for the best stats to improve to survive should concentrate on the three main attributes Strenght, Vigor, and Endurance. 

Strength increases physical damage and allows you to wield the best weapons.

Focusing on making a strength build is necessary if you like wielding heavier weapons like the mighty greatswords.

Vigor increases your HP, allowing you to take more damage.

Vigor is an incredibly useful stat and one of the most important things new players should improve to level up fast. 

Endurance increases your physical defense by allowing you to wear heavier armor, increase your stamina, reduce fall damage, and boost your equipment load, i.e., how much you can carry.

Endurance also lets you sprint, roll, and swing your weapon more frequently than someone with low endurance. 

Conclusion: Is It Worthwhile Upgrading Focus in Elden Ring?

The world of Elden Ring is not for the faint of heart. While Focus is nice, it’s not necessary for the early game.

New Elden Ring players should focus on boosting the primary stats of Strength, Vigor, and Endurance instead and getting good armor sets, other protective gear, and melee weapons.

These are much more likely to give you an early advantage than focusing on achieving a high level of focus.

Later in the game, since Focus belongs to niches of secondary stats, due to not many opponents using sleep or madness attacks, I find it is not really worth the time to grind away once you reach level 40 Focus.

If you enjoy playing a video game for perfection, go ahead and grind away; otherwise, you will be wasting your skill points.

Instead of putting a bunch of Rune Level points into Mind, you should purchase armor sets that provide solid bonuses to your Focus.

That way, you can place points into the more important attributes and skills and still avoid being forced to nap for the sixth time by the boss you have been trying to beat.

So while Focus has its uses, it is far from one of the most important stats in the game, and your time will be better off focusing (pun intended!) on stats like Vigor and Strength

If you found this article helpful, check out how to show FPS in Elden Ring. Until next time, happy gaming!

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